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Family Fun At Leeds Castle

Thursday, 6 November 2014

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know my love for Leeds Castle. It was one of our choices as a wedding venue and it holds so many memories for me; from going as a child myself to now taking my own. So on Saturday we made another visit, along with my two older sisters, my two nephews, and Jack's brother!

The whole drive there it was raining and pretty miserable looking, however we were quite lucky that it turned out SO sunny! It was even warm enough for Jack to have an ice cream... in November haha! We finally got to venture into the maze as we had someone to look after Indiana, and we even made it into the castle itself this time too.

It was a beautiful day and as it was the day after Halloween, we had plenty of yummy food for our picnic! Indiana loved the swings and literally didn't stop smiling the whole time she was on them. Freddie loved the park too; I'd definitely recommend Leeds if you have children as the play park itself is brilliant!


  1. We love Leeds Castle too! Love the new zip wire swings! We went last week and are booked in to visit Santa next month too :) xx

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