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14 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Three}

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

As slowly as those first weeks went, I actually cannot believe I'm 14 weeks pregnant and into the second trimester. I fear this pregnancy is going to over before I know it! Although it's exciting as it means we get to meet our beautiful baby. It's sad, as I know this is going to be my last pregnancy (I really mean it this time!), so I want to savour every last second.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do these updates, as I know I'm quite prone to waffling on. But after reading Life With Mrs Lee's pregnancy updates, I've decided to steal her little questionnaire - hope that's okay Harriet?

So here goes...

14 weeks & 2 days

14th January 2018

This has been a question we've been asked a lot since we announced! I honestly think I'm growing another bouncing baby boy, but I guess time will tell. We have an early gender scan booked for a few weeks time which we cannot wait for!

I use the Baby Centre App to check on baby's progress - he or she is now the size of a lemon at around 8.7cm (from crown to rump) and weighs around 1.5oz. Baby's body and limbs are now growing faster than the head - so by the end of the week they'll be all in proportion!

I started this pregnancy at the most I've ever weighed, so honestly I don't really feel like tracking my weight. After having such a large bump from early on, it does finally seem to have gone down. I'm excited to watch it grow though!

I feel so thankful that my symptoms seem to be going away *touches wood* so I'm feeling pretty good. The headaches have eased and I'm no longer constipated, yay! I am completely exhausted though and feel as if I could eat a horse.. but I'll take that over nausea and headaches any day.

I'm sleeping generally well now the nights aren't so warm, but it's becoming more uncomfortable as each day passes. I'm a stomach sleeper and I'm pretty sure those days are numbered... ah! I'm also waking most nights for a wee, which is rather frustrating.

Nothing specific, I'm just preferring carbs and salty food lately. Still not feeling chicken either... eurgh!

Overall I feel pretty good. Buying the first few bits for baby has made it all sink in a bit more, and I'm so excited!

My clothes. Nothing fits already!

I am loving my new maternity jeans from New Look. They were a little pricey, but my goodness are they comfy. Over the bump is the thing of dreaams.

Announcing our news! I'm still on an absolute baby high.

My 16 week appointment and early gender scan. Any pink or blue guesses?

Here's my 14 week update with Parker. I love having these to compare!

Living Arrows // 29/52

Monday, 17 July 2017

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

Friday afternoon, Jack managed to finish work early - something that never happens - so we made the most of it and headed to the beach! We played with the penny machines, ate fish and chips by the beach, and threw many pebbles into the sea. 

Indie's favourite bit was definitely throwing pebbles. I wish we had sandy beaches near us, but then I think she'd be a bit disappointed! Parker was happiest chasing away the seagulls, although it was just as difficult to tear him away from the sea!

Living Arrows

An Afternoon of Pampering at The Dorchester, with Asda Little Angels #AD

Sunday, 16 July 2017

A few days ago I made the short trip up to London, to spend the afternoon with the lovely ladies from Myriad PR and Asda Little Angels. With a pregnancy massage and afternoon tea planned at The Dorchester, I understandably couldn't wait!

I'm almost 14 weeks with our third little baby now (if you missed our announcement, you can catch up here), so an afternoon of pampering and relaxing was definitely what I needed after a tough first trimester. Asda Little Angels is also a brand we love and use daily with the littles, so I was excited to learn more about them.

After navigating my way around the tube and the roads of London, I arrived at the beautiful Dorchester. I definitely felt out of place! I had no reason to worry though, as I was greeted by the lovely Lauren from Myriad PR, and taken down to the spatisserie, I instantly felt at ease.

The moment I sat down I was presented with a lovely fruit mocktail, and the presentation began. As I mentioned above, we have loved Asda Little Angels nappies since our eldest was little - and she's now 3.5! But there were still things I learnt about their newborn nappies.

Available in sizes 0 (premature) to 3, Little Angels Newborn nappies are just as good (or better in my opinion!) than the big named brands. They feature:

- A wonderfully soft lining to protect baby's delicate skin

- Wetness indicator to help with nappy changes

- An elasticated back to prevent poop explosions

- Sizing indicators (once the tabs reach the white area, it's time to move up a size)

- Umbilical cord cut out to avoid irritation

And if you've stocked up in sizes (like I know most parents do) any of those unopened packets of Newborn nappies, can be returned to store and exchanged for a different size.. even without a receipt. How fab is that!

Once the presentation was over, we were given our treatment times and the afternoon tea began (and honestly never stopped until it was time to leave a few hours later). Robes and slipper on I was greeted by my lovely masseuse and we headed to the treatment room. A blissful hour later I was shown to the relaxation room, where I honestly could have stayed all day... if it hadn't been for the afternoon tea awaiting us!

The tea was Wimbledon themed and featured teeny sandwiches, homemade fruit scones, strawberries and cream, all finished off with themed chocolates. I am a little picky and don't actually drink tea, but the staff were so accommodating, providing juices and water instead.

I have only ever been to one other spa before, so I kind of knew the process of how everything works. But my goodness, I was not prepared for how wonderful everything would be! The staff, the food, the massage itself.. everything was of the highest quality, and absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend a visit to The Dorchester Spa.

A huge thank you to the wonderful ladies at Myriad PR and Asda Little Angels for having me, and for the lovely goodies too. It was so lovely to meet all of my fellow pregnant mamas too.

You can see more about my day in the vlog below!

I was invited along to this event by Myriad PR, however I received no payment. All opinions are honest and my own.

The Siblings Project | July 2017

Saturday, 15 July 2017

If I had to pick one word to sum up Indie and Parker's relationship this month, it would probably be troublesome. And for a few reasons too!

There's no denying that they have an oh so special bond, something that only comes from being so close together in age. But my goodness do they wind each other up. Indie will ask Parker is he wants something (which of course he does!), and then snatch it away and tell him no. Parker is equally as bad, snatching Indie's toys just to get a reaction. That reaction always being tears.

It's actually getting to the point where it's becoming exhausting. Being the middle man really isn't that fun.. especially when neither owns up to being in the wrong! And being so exhausted from this pregnancy, I've definitely struggled to keep the peace this month.

On the flip side though, they've also been troublesome in a completely different way. They are thick as thieves and true partners in crime! Egging each other on. Using each other to get what they want. I honestly think they spend their evenings before falling asleep plotting what they can get up to next. Monkeys.

It's making me both worried and excited to bring a third into the mix. Will they welcome them into the fold and become the Three Musketeers? Or will their close bond leave baby on the outside? Any mamas of three, I'd LOVE to know your experiences. I feel I need all the help I can get before these two become a three in January!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Strawberry Picking, Preschool & A New Baby | #LittleLoves

Friday, 14 July 2017

I actually don't remember the last time I joined in with #littleloves, which actually makes me a little sad. I was doing so well joining in each week! I'm back this week though, and excited to share all of the things we have been loving lately...


All I keep seeing at the moment is pregnancy announcements.. they're everywhere! I absolutely LOVE it though, and it just means our baby bump will have lots of little buddies come January.


We took the littles to our local pick your own last weekend, and they absolutely loved it - spot Parker's messy face below. It was so lovely to watch them both get involved, trying to find the biggest juiciest ones. Funnily enough our visit last year came up on my Timehop the next day.. how much have they grown in a year!


We had Indiana's preschool consultation last week, where we heard all about how she's getting on. It was so lovely to look through her book, and see what she gets up to while she's there. As although I am starting to get a little bit more out of her about her day, I still mostly get 'I don't know' or 'I forgot' when I ask.

She's doing so well, and has really come on in leaps and bounds this term. She's definitely coming out of her shy little shell, and getting involved so much more, which makes us so proud. The only thing I'm worried about now is entertaining her just as much over the summer holidays!


Terrible connection, but we've have been busy making plans for Parker's second birthday, which is now just a few weeks away. We're just having a simple BBQ at home this year, but I'm still trying to make it a pretty as ever. I've got his birthday tee sorted and all his presents are hiding away waiting to be wrapped. I'd love some suggestions for decorations if you have any though!


Sunday afternoon was rather special, as I headed to The Dorchester Hotel in London, to attend a wonderful event with Asda Little Angels. After hearing all about the nappies themselves, we headed off to the spa for pregnancy massages. It was absolutely amazing and the most luxurious place I've ever been to.. if only it was every week! I'll be sharing a post all about the day soon, so make sure to keep an eye out!

And Lastly...

I think it would be strange to not mention our news in this post.. although I'm aware it's all I've been talking about lately. If you haven't guessed already, we're expecting again! Baby is due mid-January, and is already so so loved.

Have a lovely week :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

The First Trimester {Baby Number Three}

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

You'd think by now, seeing that this is my third pregnancy, I'd remember what the first trimester is like. But my goodness, did it really hit me again!

I am so thankful to be pregnant, but the first trimester really isn't all that exciting, and it's definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. It's tough. It's exhausting. And it's a pretty worrying time too.

I made notes for each week, so I'll just share a little roundup in the post. However I have filmed weekly updates, from finding out we were expecting, up to our 12 week scan. So If you want to get a proper in-depth look into how I've felt each week, make sure you pop over to our channel to catch up with these.

Finding Out / 4 Weeks Pregnant

* Aching breasts
* Achey stomach / period pains / cramps
* Really thirsty
* Peeing more
* Kind of feeling pregnant?
* Watery CM
* Moody / Irritable
* Tired


You can read about my initial 'finding out' reaction here.

5 Weeks Pregnant
* Excess saliva?
* Really hungry
* Strong sense of smell - Jack's protein shake makes me gag!
* Very tired 
* Gassy and bloated

Positive Clearable Digital (1-2 weeks pregnant)!

6 Weeks Pregnant
* Headaches
* Very achey breasts (bigger and darker nipples)
* Very bloated already
* Burnt easily
* Cramping
* Up and down emotions, either moody or really happy

Pregnant 2-3 on Clearable Digital!

7 Weeks Pregnant

* Craving savoury foods
* Strong sense of smell
Pregnant 3+ on Clearable Digital!

8 Weeks Pregnant

* Started feeling nauseous and had a churn stomach
* Feel sick in the evenings
* Exhausted!!
* Not interested in food (but still get hungry and have to eat as soon as I'm hungry!)
* Hair getting greasy quicker  

Early Scan at Babybond - dated back to 7+3 but saw heartbeat and all looked well!

9 Weeks Pregnant

* Horrible taste in mouth - doesn't go away when I eat or have a drink
* Generally feeling yucky!
* Constipation :(
* Very hormonal and moody!

10 Weeks Pregnant

* Trapped wind and still constipated!
* Had my booking appointment
* Heatwave - really hard, sleeping with fan, just too hot!

11 Weeks Pregnant

* Still constipated!!
* Food aversion - meat (particularly chicken)
* Sleeping better now it's cooler although waking to wee / drink in the night
* Headaches!!

12 Weeks Pregnant
* Headaches
* We had our scan! Baby was all well and we heard the heartbeat.
* Bump is very difficult to hide now!

This pregnancy has definitely been my toughest so far. Although I haven't been physically sick, the nausea, extreme exhaustion and headaches have been awful. I've also been the most anxious I've ever been, and despite having two scans I'm still worrying now. I think that's probably more so because it still doesn't seem real!

My next update will be at 14 weeks, which is already not too far away. 

Living Arrows // 28/52

Monday, 10 July 2017

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

This week my photos are from our visit to the local pick your own, where we collected as many strawberries as we could! Parker absolutely loved finding the little hidden ones - although I think he enjoyed eating them a bit too much, as not many actually ended up in his tub.

Indie was in her element though. She found some of the juiciest, biggest strawberries and made sure everyone made it into her tub. I think she only ate one, which I thought was pretty impressive for a 3 year old! As you can tell though, she was very proud of her pickings.

Living Arrows

Finding out we're Expecting Again... {Baby Number Three}

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Writing this post back in May, I had no idea whether it was ever going to be published or not. It was VERY early days. I'm so glad I managed to type down my initial thoughts and feelings though, and I can still feel that adrenaline I felt just reading it back.

I also just want to say I hope this post doesn't come across as me sounding smug, or 'in your face'. I feel extremely blessed that we are expecting again, and this was just my initial thoughts.


Typing this it is the 9th of May. Parker is sleeping upstairs, and I'm trying my best to stay awake; absolutely exhausted. You see, I'm currently estimated to be 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. But no one knows about our little baby secret just yet. I don't even think I believe it.

But I just knew.

We decided we wanted a third little bundle a few months ago. Picking April / May to start trying - not properly, but to 'see how it goes'. I've been off of any contraception since Parker was born, so I know my body well, and we didn't want to put too much pressure on ourselves.

A few weeks after my last period I started feeling strange. I rarely get ovulation / period symptoms, so I just knew this meant something. Aching boobs, stomach cramps, drinking more and then subsequently needing the loo a lot more... and my goodness the exhaustion! Having two little ones feeling tired is kind of standard, but this was on another level.

I just knew.

May 7th (just as Jack left the house) I took a First Response test. I couldn't even wait the 3 minutes, and I watched it as the line developed from an "is that something?" to an "oh my goodness, I'm pregnant!" kind of line.

I knew it!

May 8th I had the confirmation I needed. Pregnant 1-2 weeks on a Clearblue Digital. Anyone else feel it sinks in more seeing the words instead of a line?

I know it's still early day. And I know that anything can happen. But we are just so excited.

Please stay sticky little baby bean.

We are so excited to meet you already!

A Wonderful Surprise.. Baby Number Three

Friday, 7 July 2017

Despite a million positive pregnancy tests, two scans and numerous symptoms, I still cannot we're sharing this news. Our little family is growing just that little bit more. And baby number three (how crazy does that sound!), is due to join us mid-January 2018. 

It's no secret that I've been broody for another baby for a long while now. But of course I knew it was probably more sensible to wait.. I'm not sure I could have managed two under two again! Back in January though, Jack and I sat down, and decided we'd start trying around April / May. 

Little did we know, that we'd be blessed enough to get pregnant that very first month of trying. Something I still can't get my head around. But also something I am so grateful for. 

I am so excited to share our pregnancy journey with you all again, although I'll probably only write updates every fortnight, as I'll be filming weekly videos instead. I have a number of pre-recorded videos ready to go live over the next few days (so I apologise for the spam.. although it's nice to get it all out).

I'll write a first trimester round-up soon, and get you all caught up on the journey so far. But for now, meet baby Peacock number 3, the final piece to our family puzzle!

Parker's 23 Month Update

Thursday, 6 July 2017

I'm in complete denial that our beautiful baby boy is turning two in just a few weeks time. Just where has this year gone? On the other hand though, I do often forget that Parker isn't a lot older. That he's really still very young, especially compared to his big sister who he completely idolises.

Parker now speaks in sentences a lot of the time, and has amazing knowledge and understanding. He can ask (it's more demand.. but the manners are getting there) when he wants food or a drink for example. And if his drink is empty, he'll tell us and ask for more.

I love that we can communicate with him so well, however it's not always such a good thing. Because he knows what words mean, he'll happily use them. If we pick him up for a cuddle and he isn't feeling it he'll shout "stop it daddy/mummy, put me down!" - which is both hilarious and bloody cheeky!

Parker is so different when it comes to development in comparison to Indiana. He's always been more active and prefers being outside doing things (climbing, jumping.. being adventurous), whereas Indie was always more into learning.

He does sit and play a lot more than he used to, but toys and books don't keep him amused for very long before he's off to the next activity. He is slowly becoming interested in colours and numbers though, so I'm not at all worried. And honestly it's just as lovely to watch him explore and grow! He's happiest when running free so I have to make sure I get him out and about at least once a day, to burn off some of his energy.

Speaking of energy, he's getting plenty of that! Parker has been absolutely loving food this month, and eats basically everything we give him. He's still an absolute pasta monster, which is fine by me as I sneak in so many veggies this way.

This month Parker is loving playing in the garden, buses / lorries / diggers, ice lollies, Ben & Holly, cuddles in mummy and daddy's bed and all the food!

This month Parker is hating spiders (if he sees one he squishes it!), nappy changes, not going in the bus - he gets seriously jealous if you go on one without him!, and lay ins!

I cannot believe the next update I'll be writing on him will be his TWO YEAR update. The end of the monthly updates, and the progression into full-on toddlerhood... I'm not ready!

Living Arrows // 27/52

Monday, 3 July 2017

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

Is there anything better on a summer's day, than to make daisy chains with your little ones? Indiana absolutely loved helping, and kept finding me "the best daisys ever mummy!". It just wasn't so good when she realised she had to take it off and it fell apart.. just another excuse to make another though!

This photo of Parker still makes me smile. He cannot eat anything slowly - second child syndrome maybe? - and has to put as much in his mouth as possible. I suppose I'll take it over him not eating at all though!

Living Arrows

Me and Mine | June 2017

Friday, 30 June 2017

What a wonderful month we've had in June. Plenty of glorious sunshine, exploring lots of new places, a fun-filled half term and a sunny Father's Day - where we actually captured this month's Me and Mine photos!

Although I think I complained every day about the heat (it's the British thing to do right?), it was oh so welcome. It gave me the motivation to get out and about more with Parker on preschool days, something that I think has benefited the both of us. It's also meant our NT passes have got a lot more use, as where else is better to go on a beautiful sunny day?

We are unfortunately still struggling with the littles sleep, although I think we've finally realised our black out blind just isn't cutting it! So if anyone has any suggestions on what to do, we'd love you forever if you sent them our way.

With June now over, we're entering the last month of Parker being one. A milestone that makes me far too emotional to think about. I remember writing this post for his first birthday last year, and I honestly think I'm going to be just as emotional this year. I don't know what it is that makes me want to treasure his babyness (not that he's in anyway a baby anymore) that much more.

Although saying that, I'd love to keep both of my two little forever, please and thank you!

Who knows what July has in store for us, but I'm hoping it involves lots more sunshine, lots more family days out, and hopefully lots more sleep from our cheeky pair. Whatever it is, I cannot wait to find out!

The Me and Mine Project

Mummy and Me | June 2017

Thursday, 29 June 2017

I absolutely love the photos we managed to capture this month, and all are actually from a day out to Chartwell a few weeks ago. The sunny weather has meant we've got out and about so much more, and it's actually put us all in happier moods!

Parker has definitely been testing this month. He's got such an attitude on him now, and those terrible twos are in full swing! That being said he's also become even cuddlier, and he loves nothing more than to snuggle on my lap, to read a book or watch a bit of Peppa. He's still 100% a mummy's boy, and I'm definitely okay with that.

I said to Jack earlier just how much Indiana seems to have blossomed this term at preschool. She's always full of excitement about her day on our walk home, and will happily tell me about the things she's got up to. She talks about her friends and the teachers constantly, and it just makes me oh so proud. She's growing up so quickly now, and I just love watching her turn into the beautiful little girl she is.

Living Arrows // 26/52

Monday, 26 June 2017

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

I absolutely love this natural picture of Indiana. They spent the weekend at Jack's parents house, so she was full of excitement when she came back. Telling us what they got up to, what they saw and just how early they got up.. eek!

Parker spent most of last week in the paddling pool, as it was just so hot. I filled it was cups and toys so he could practice his pouring (this was a big hit), and we had plenty of bubbles too. This picture captures him being cheeky though. He learnt that if he stood on the edge of the pool, all the water would flow out onto the patio. So by the end of the morning there was never any water left!

Living Arrows

Father's Day, Exciting News & A Heatwave | #LittleLoves

Friday, 23 June 2017

I'm still a little gutted that I didn't write a little loves posts last week. But in all honestly, there was absolutely nothing to talk about! Thankfully this week has been a lot more exciting though. Father's Day, exciting news and plenty of glorious sunshine.

So here's what I've been loving this week...


The littles were sent these lovely books from Parragon earlier in the week, but due to the weather we've not really been inside much to enjoy them. Thankfully the thunderstorms yesterday meant we had no choice but to stay inside. Indie is really into her letters at the moment so she's loving the writing practice book!


It was the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars this week, meaning it's the final ever episode next week! I honestly still  have no clue who AD is (does anyone?), but I know I'll be tuning in next week full of excitement. Anyone got any guesses?


Lots of absolutely amazing news...

On Monday my sister and her wife shared the most amazing news, that their baby is all fine and healthy; due in December. What an exciting Christmas it's going to be!

My lovely blogging friend Harriet (Life with Mrs Lee), also shared the wonderful news that her beautiful baby boy was here!


After spending all of Sunday in the sun (you can read about how we celebrated Father's Day here), I knew I wanted to keep the littles indoors as much as possible on Monday. We had an indoor picnic, watched films and made cakes.. I'm sure you can guess which part they like the most!


Indie is taking over this section again this week - she does have the best wardrobe after all! I adore her little outfit here. The hat is possibly the best thing I've ever bought her, and was actually a bargain from H&M. Her top was from Zara, although I'm sure it's probably gone into the sale now!

And Lastly...

The littles are off to their nanny's this weekend for a sleepover - Indie has been begging Jack's mum to stay for aaaages, so she's so excited to be finally going. It also means that Jack and I get an all important day just the two of us. I think plans are to go shopping, go to the cinema and have a nice relaxing meal - all things that are SO much easier without little ones around!

Have a lovely week :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat