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I have a problem...
I can't help but buy something for Indiana every time I go out, I have a serious addiction and I need to stop haha! So as I've collected a number of bits this past month I though I would show you all the bits I've picked up. I'm a sucker for a sale or bargain, and you'll see this throughout.
Indie's Taggie
The first thing I got isn't clothes but still an item for Indiana! I'm a massive fan of forums/groups and other baby related social sites. I feel I talk to people more on there than in real life these days, and get so much more supportive and understanding while doing it. On one of my Facebook groups there is a lovely lady who is a keen sower and makes some lovely items. I saw she made taggies for other ladies and just had to have one for Indie. She does 3 different sizes and you can chose the fabric, colours and whether you want a name embroidered on it. We loved the strawberry print and decided to get Indiana on it to make it more personal. She LOVES it, and loves holding onto it and chewing the tags.
Vests from Tescos - left are 6-9 right are 9-12
Jack picked these up on his lunch break, and they're from Tescos. I recently went through our clothes in bigger sizes are realised we had literally nothing above 3-6 months! They were a bargain at £4 each for a pack of 5 long sleeve vests.. couldn't say no to that.

My selling site bargain, £8
So here we have my little Next haul. I'd have all the sleepsuit sets if I could but alas I'm not made of money haha. I was lucky to pick up a voucher code a few weeks again which got me £10 off a £15 spend online so I ordered the pink floral set. While collecting these I got another code and got the blue floral set. Then I found the red set on a selling site for £8. They're all 3-6 so I can't wait to see her in these soon!

Quilted coat from John Lewis
It has such a gorgeous flower print on the inside
 So here's my final selling site bargain. As it seems like Spring is finally making an appearance (yay!), we thought we best get Indie a jacket/coat at a snowsuit will be far too warm. This gorgeous quilted coat is from John Lewis and actually retails at £18, but I got it for £8. I actually work for John Lewis (my discount is the only reason we shop there haha), and we saw the exact same coat in London last week, was so amazing we found it for much cheaper!
Nautical theme t-shirts from Mothercare
I love, love, love these t-shirts from Mothercare. They have an up to 50% off sale on atm so of course I went in haha. I got these in mind of our holiday in June as I think they're so summery, and the long sleeves will protect her from the sun a bit. The white top was a bargain at £1.75 and the blue top was another bargain at £3.50!
Can you tell which one Jack likes haha?
Bambi & Batman
Another one of Jack's purchases.. I think he likes shopping for Indie just as much as I do haha! You can tell he picked these though, Batman wouldn't be my first choice, but hey ho.The vest is 3-6 and was £4, and the leggings set are 6-9 and were £5, both from Asda.

Mint greens for summer
This beautiful outfit is from Zara Baby and is in 6-9 months. We spoilt her on Saturday as she had been such a good girl.. okay I admit it's actually because I'm in love with the outfit! The top was only £4.99 and the jeggings are £7.99. The colours are what drew me in, I think they're so summery, and match one of my recently bought bows as well!

My final purchases are my bows and headbands from The Bow Boutique which I blogged about previously. I got all of these for £15 and I love them all! I think the mint green bow on the white headband goes perfectly with the Zara outfit!

So that's it! We made some bigger purchases such as a Bumbo tray from John Lewis (we got given the seat for free), a Jumperoo (another bargain at £42 from Ebay), and finally her highchair but I didn't get pictures of those. Her highchair was recommended to us by so many and is the Mama's & Papa's Pesto and was £50 from Argos.

Emily xx

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