Indiana's Bedtime Routine


We have been so unbelievably lucky with her sleeping; she started sleeping through 11-7 at 5 weeks, she now sleeps 7-7 at 14 weeks! We definitely believe a good routine has been a key factor in this, so I hope this helps anyone with starting a good routine..

Around 6/7ish Indie has a good splash about in the bath. This varies depending on what time Jack finishes work as this affects our dinner time, but it is never any later than 7. She's just starting to kick and splash about which is SO cute to watch. She could be screaming and being a right grump, but the second she gets in the water she's so calm. To begin with we were a bit nervous about bathing her, but now I find it such a joy. To put our minds at ease we purchased a bath support so we don't have to worry about supporting her (we never take her eyes off her regardless though).

I'm very lucky to have a best friend in the medical industry. She's on her 3rd year of nursing at the moment as is so close to being qualified. She completed a Health Visitor placement just a month before Indiana's arrival, and was kind enough to pick us up a bath thermometer. It's so cute in the shape of a duck and is so easy to read too.

We use the Johnson's Bedtime Bath (the purple bottle) as it's apparently proven to help little ones sleep better. A little seems to go a long way so this smaller bottle has lasted over 3 months now! Along with this we use the Johnson's Top-To-Toe wash (yellow bottle) which is suitable for body and hair. We only use this on her body though as it tended to dry out her scalp. We do use the Dentinox Cradle Cap shampoo as she had this pretty bad. It's cleared up now but we're using it still as it's worked so well!

After she's done splashing about we take her hooded towel off of the radiator and wrap her up. I love this towels as they keep every part of her warm and snuggly. She looks like a little yoda all wrapped up, I love seeing her little face peeping out haha. We got ours from a local NCT sale, they were in perfect condition and the giraffe hood is super cute. Once dry she has a relaxing massage with again, Johnson's Body Lotion (we love our Johnson's products haha)! She loves this bit although I think she finds it more funny than calming haha. All dry and creamed up we pop on a nappy, a long sleeve vest and finally a sleepsuit (the kind with built in mits as she loves rubbing her face at night).

By now it's time for her nighttime bottle. She's usually pretty sleepy at this point so doesn't usually finish it, and you can see her starting to drift off bless her. Then it's time for last few cuddles with mummy and daddy and then bed! She goes into a 1 tog sleepingbag with a blanket over the top. She usually goes off with just her dummy, bunny comforter and one turn of her mobile.

So that's our routine. It's pretty simple and much like everyone elses but it works, so why change it?

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