Today was Indiana's third and final set of jabs until she's a year old, and boy am I a happier mummy now!

I have never been against jabs, I'm all for anything that's going to help protect my child. I even had the whooping cough jab when I was pregnant to pass on immunity to her.

But is it just me that feels like the worlds meanest mummy during them though? The nurse at my doctors is lovely, she gets me to sit Indie on my lap and hold down her little leggies (I hate this bit), then tells me when she's going to do it. She always tells me to expect the worst as 'this one stings a bit' too. 

The cry that comes out of my baby when the jab goes in is heart wrenching. She soon calms down with mummy cuddles though, and I always have calpol at hand in case she gets a fever. But overall it's not actually as bad as I thought it would be. 

I know they're for the best, and I'd rather a few seconds of pain and some grouchyness than her ever catching an awful disease! And like my best friend who's a nurse said, we don't remember the pain now, so really it's not that mean at all!

What's your opinions on infant jabs?

Emily xx


  1. I am dreading taking Sophie for her vaccinations. I really do believe in vaccinations and think we would be much worse off without them but my brother has very severe autism (he has pretty much no language and needs round the clock care) and he had bad reactions to a couple if vaccinations as a child so it has been a very hard decision for me to make.

    1. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your brother, I can only imagine how hard the decisions been for you, I'm glad you've gone with your feelings though and haven't let it stop you from vaccinating Sophie xx


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