My First Mother's Day


Sunday the 30th March marked my first Mother's Day as a mummy myself. Last year it was just any other day, little did I know I was actually a few weeks pregnant!

I was well and truly spoilt by Jack, and Indiana of course with the help of her daddy. On the Saturday Jack took Indie shopping in the morning so I could relax. He then came home with flowers for me from them both. It was SO cute, and such a surprise as I rarely get flowers haha.
She decided she wanted to eat them after I took this
Then I got a lovely lie in (well if you can call 8am a lie in), and was woken up by my two monkeys. They came in with my presents and cards and snuggled with me in bed while I opened them. I knew Jack had got me the two Hunger Games films as I had asked for them haha, but was still super happy. I was almost 40 weeks pregnant when it came out so never got the chance to see it!

Then from Indie I got a really cute 'I Love You Mummy' book and teddy bear set. Jack said he saw the book and thought it was sweet so picked it up and I'm so glad he did. I'll read the book to Indie all the time, and she loves the teddy bear haha.

I loved my cards too, and Jack even drew around Indie's hand to add her own touch to it.. so cute!

We Then visited my own mum with cards and flowers. Now I'm a mummy myself it's made me realise just how much I need my own mum, and how much she does for me. Love you mummy :)!

We then went out to breakfast at our local Frankie & Benny's, and it was amazing. Every breakfast is only £5 and there's so many choices. We both went for pancakes as we hadn't had them in ages, then I got a milkshake and Jack had an 'unlimited' cappuccino. Indie even slept the whole time we were eating so we could enjoy it in peace.. amazing!

She didn't really want her picture taken haha
My pretty little lady in her Cath Kidston dress and Bow Boutique headband
After breakfast I had to pop into work (I'm not due back until August but I've got the hours I wanted to return on.. yay!). We then went shopping for me and I finally got a new bikini I actually feel I look okay in.

We didn't do much the rest of the day, we just relaxed, chilled out and popped to our local Costa for a coffee and treats. Jack cooked a roast for dinner and then when missy went to bed we snuggled up to watch The Hunger Games Catching Fire.

It was a perfect day for me, and I loved every second.. even when Indie decided to be sick all down my new top and in my hair haha, that's mummy life for you!

How was your first Mother's Day?

Emily xx

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