Our Visit To Leeds Castle


Before I start I must mention the fact that Leeds Castle is actually no where near Leeds haha, weird right? We live in Kent and Leed's Castle is only a 30 minute drive from us. This past weekend was so beautiful so we thought we'd make the most of the weather and go out for the day!
Our first visit back in December
We first went as a family when Indiana was only 2 weeks 5 days old, we dressed her up as a reindeer and everything. What a difference a few months make as this visit was completely different! Firstly it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was warm enough to just wear a light cardigan.. perfect. Also Indie was much more awake and interactive, and definitely didn't need as much focus on bottles and feeding. We put her in the big girl part of her pram so she could look around as she's such a nosey pickle now. We even dressed her up nicely in a cute little summer dress with tights and a flower headband, she looked SO cute!

Leeds Castle have a great ticket where you pay once and you can came and go as many times as you like in a year! So we packed up a picnic, and everything but the kitchen sink.. going out with a baby requires a lot of stuff haha, and off we went. It was already packed when we got there but luckily the grounds are so large it doesn't seem busy once you're in. We had a lovely slow stroll up to the castle, with stops along the way so Jack could take pictures. Eventually we ended up by the birds of prey which we enjoyed having a look at. It was just a shame there isn't anywhere to leave prams by the maze as we would have loved to have a go in that too! 

We then settled down for our picnic as Indie was due a feed. It felt like a summers day sitting with our sandwiches and juice cartons, feeling the sun and listening to the birds. Indie loved being about to kick about on the blanket without having ten million layers on keeping her warm.. although I still did worry whether she was getting cold haha! Everyone around us were eating ice creams so we decided we definitely had to have one too, not one of those rubbish whippy one, but proper scoopy ice cream in a waffle cone, YUM!

Ice cream selfie
After filling ourselves and the cheeky pickle up we carried on our walk along the bank of a lake and through beautiful gardens. It just smelt like summer and made me so excited for our summer holiday in June. You wouldn't think it was March!

We brought our carrier with us so we could go inside the castle this time but typically Indie decided she wanted to nap at this point. We didn't want to wake her up as she's a right grump if you do, and that's no fun for anyone haha. So we passed on the idea again this time, but we have plenty of chances to come back and do it! We opted for some photos infront of the castle instead.. better than nothing I say!

It was a perfect day out for us, and I can't wait to go back when Indie's a bit older again to explore the maze, castle and to enjoy more picnics and ice creams haha! It really is true what they say about turning into your mum... I would have never enjoyed this is I didn't have a baby haha!

Emily xx

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