Stranger Danger


Recently Indiana has become a clingy little lady. I knew I should have expected it really, as most babies go through it, but it was still quite a shock. 

She's always been ok with everyone, we could pass her around for cuddles and she'd be all smiles, but all of sudden she hates it. It started with my mum (this actually upset me quite a bit as I thought she would love her nanny), and has now escalated to more people.

Yesterday my best friend came over for a catch up and Indie was a grump from the get go haha. All Louise had to do was look at her and bam the lip went and the tears started flowing! She would be fine with me cuddling her, but the second she wasn't with me she cried. 

I know it's just a faze and hopefully in time she'll go back to realising she's fine and be all smiles haha! And when I think about it, I think I secretly like it really.. She just wants her mummy :)!

How are your little ones with other people?

Emily xx

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