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Friday, 7 March 2014

I've always been against headbands on little girls with no hair, yes they're cute but I thought they were pointless! But I've totally been converted thanks to The Bow Boutique.
The Website
I follow lots of mummies on Instagram as I love seeing their bundles grow up, especially ones born around the same time as Indiana. Through these mummies I discovered the Instagram of The Bow Boutique. A small business run by two sisters selling headbands, clips and other pretty accessories for babies, toddlers, young children and even adults! Their collections ranges from bows, shabby flowers, clips, butterflys, double bands, alice bands, and they have just introduced gorgeous capes for adults and children. 

Flicking through the photos I fell in love. They were not only beautiful but such a good price too. They sell brilliant designs of interchangeable bands and clips so you can make an array of different headbands from a collection of items which saves you money and time.
How my items arrived.. So beautiful!
Delivery is £2.30 for as many items as you like and is sent out first class recorded; so there's no worry of the items and money being lost. I ordered Tuesday evening and they had arrived by Thursday which i was very impressed about. They are also lovely to speak to and very accommodating to your needs. I wanted to order a certain 'gift set', however one item was out of stock. I contacted them and they agreed to swap the item for another of my choice, but the price was still the same.. brilliant!

I ordered a couple of 'gift sets' and a separate bow clips to start my collection off (I'm definitely going to be ordering more!) and they arrived just as beautifully as the items are themselves! Each set came in their own pink and white stripped paper bag, with The Bow Boutique stickers and a small label describing what the item was. As well as this each items is sent in it's own drawstring clear bag which is such a cute touch.  The labels are hand written which I think makes them much more personal and makes me feel like they cared about my order.
Gorgeous Packaging
Handwritten Labels
Summer Gift Set
Interchangeable Gift Set
Overall I LOVE my headbands, and I think Indiana looks even more beautiful in them than I could ever imagine. I will definitely be ordering more and building up my collection.. even Jack loves them haha! I would recommend them to any mummy to a little girly, or maybe even treat yourself.

I was not asked to do this blog, I have written this on my own accord as I believe that they are definitely worth checking out! Their website: Facebook: 

Indiana approves :)

Emily xx

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  1. Ahh thank you so much for this Hun! ���� so glad you like them xxx


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