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I've recently filmed this tag for my Youtube Channel, so thought I'd add it to my blog too! Indiana is only 3 months old so some answers might change when she's older, but these are what I think right now.

1. Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?

Technically I'm a working mum, but I'm just on maternity leave at the moment. I'm due back in early August (just before my birthday annoyingly haha), after having 9 months off. 

2. Would you have it any other way?

YES! I would love to be a stay-at-home mum with Indie. I've never been a massive fan of leaving her, and I think leaving her for work if going to be so hard. I'm only going back part time, but we're still unsure whether it's actually going to be beneficial to us. Although Jack works in a nursery and we will be getting 50% off, it will still cost us a fortune! I would also hate to miss any milestones. Jack missed Indie rolling over as he was at work, and I would be devastated if I missed her first word or walking for the first time.

3. Do you co-sleep?

Nope and we never have! We're lucky that Indie's been such a good sleeper, and never fussed with her Moses basket. Yeah she would wake up when first put down, but with her seahorse on and a few strokes of her nose she was out of it haha. Now she sleeps in her cot in her own room, so we've never had a need. I would be terrified to do it anyway, we're such wrigglers in bed and I wouldn't be able to sleep with the fear of rolling onto her.

4. One must have gear for baby?

Muslin clothes, definitely. They are multi use and definitely needed when you have a baby. Indiana's become very sicky recently so they've been a lifesaver with all her sick. They protect your clothes and furniture from being covered in sick, and are also perfect for mopping up sick, spit, and any spillages really.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

Two. Coming from a large family (I'm one of seven, and it's amazing!), I know I could never do it myself. My mum's supermum for popping out and raising us all, but it's not for me. I had quite a traumatic labour so don't think I could do it that many times. Just once more so Indie has a sibling (a boy or girl I don't mind, I won't keep trying for the other sex haha!).

6. Date night? How many nights a month?

We don't really have a 'date night'. We have left her a few times while we have gone out. She's a good girl and isn't too clingy to me so my mum, my sister and Jack's mum have all looked after her for us. She goes to sleep at 7pm so we don't really need it, we get the whole evening to ourselves anyway which is bliss!

7. Your child's favourite show? 

Well being only 3months old she doesn't really have one yet. I'll pop her in her bouncer in front of the TV with Disney Junior on if I need to get something done, and she'll just watch whatever's on there. My favourite is Doc Mcstuffins, I'm so sad I even know the songs haha.

8. Name 1 thing you bought before you had your baby and you never used?

We made sure to only buy things we knew we were going to use, so nothing. Yeah she's not a fan of her swing but she's used it, so technically that's been used haha. The only thing I can think of that may have gone unused is a lot of her clothes. We went a bit crazy and got so many bits, we've ended up just putting her in them for the sake of it. But I can't help it, everything is just so cute!

9. Your child's favourite food?

Milk, milk and more milk! She's on Cow and Gate formula (2 bottles of comfort and 3 just normal stage 1 at the moment).

10. How many cars does your family have?

Just the one, which is Jack's. I can't drive so I don't have one, one day I'll learn but it's just SO expensive and I doubt we could afford two cars anyway.

11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now?

I've never kept track of my weight. I thought I was getting fat before finding out I was pregnant but even then I didn't hop on the scales. At my first doctors appointment I weighed just over 9 stone roughly. Then at 37 weeks I weighed myself on my sister's Wii (which I know isn't 100% accurate), and I was over 11 stone.. Oh My God haha! I'm now back down to just under 10 stone and I'm happy at the moment. I know I can lose it eventually, and plan to for our holiday in June.

12. Dream holiday with your child?

Walt Disney World in Florida. My all time favourite holiday destination. I've been 5 times and I could go a million more, it's the perfect holiday destination!

13. Dream holiday without your child?

New York definitely. I've wanted to go for years and years. My parents went when I was like 5 and I'm still jealous haha. I'm a massive fan of Friends and Sex and the City, and I just want to go shopping and see the sights like in those haha!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

It changed from the moment I discovered I was pregnant. Going out has become so unappealing, and drinking is not fun like it used to be. I would much rather stay in with Jack watching a movie and eating snacks. A massive change was moving out from home. I relied on my mum for everything and had to start fending for myself.. and now I think I'm a pretty good housewife if I do say so myself :D

15. Finish the sentence: "it makes my heart melt to see......"

It's a toss up between seeing Jack with Indiana, and her massive gummy smiles. I didn't think I could love Jack anymore until I saw them two together, I love my little family. And those smiles! Every morning we go in to her and she just looks so excited and happy to see you, all the sleepless nights are worth it for that moment!

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Anywhere that sells kids clothes I'm there in a flash! If I had my way I would buy the whole Next baby sections as their clothes are just so beautiful, but practically I just can't afford it. We shops anywhere from Primark to supermarkets and love a good sale (most of Indie's bits from the more expensive stores such as Next and Mothercare were brought in the sale).

17. Favourite make-up and skin care products?

I couldn't care less. I've never cared about make-up, I just buy the cheapest products out there, and I hardly put it on anyway. I'd rather spend my money on Indiana now.

18. Huggies or pampers?

Neither! The UK doesn't sell Huggies nappies anymore, and personally I think Pampers are awful. Everytime Indie wears one they leak and have really rubbish absorbency. We much prefer supermarkets brands. My favourite is Asda Little Angels, although we also have Tesco Cheeky Bots too.

19. Have you always wanted kids?

YES! I grew up with baby dolls, my baby Anabelle was my pride and joy. I loved dressing her up and looking after her. Mummy's and babies was also my all time favourite game at school and with my sisters. I didn't think I would ever become a mum so early, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

20. Best part of being a mum?

Again this is also a question with two answers, it's just so hard to decide haha. First would be knowing that Indie will always need me. I always look to my mum for advice and for help, and I love knowing Indie's going to need me for this. The second is watching her grow and develop. I loved her as a squishy baby, but I love her more and more as she's learning new things. She's become such a cheeky character and I can't wait to see what she'll do next.

So that's the Mummy Tag, I hope you enjoyed it, and I love reading all other mummy's answers!

Emily xx


  1. I loved reading this. I would like to do one myself but my baby girl is only a month old so I don't have much experience to draw on when answering the questions!

    1. Go for it! I love reading other peoples and it'll be great to look back on when she's older :) x


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