Why Indiana?


I'm sure a lot of you are thinking what an unusual name we have chosen for our little girl. Many of you may hate it, most have told us they love it, but I thought I'd give a bit of background as to why we chosen her name!

From the second we discovered I was pregnant we thought we were having a boy. We were so convinced we called my bump a he, and started thinking about boys names. Jacks grandad sadly passed away a couple of years ago, so he really wanted to include his name. So that was simple, the name John would be his middle name! Then it was the hard part of choosing the first name.. We didn't really have that many we both liked. Jack was determined we'd call him Seth but I firmly put my foot down haha. Eventually we decideded on Elijah, a beautifully unique name, that went really well with John too.

Sorted we thought! Our 20 week scam came along, and there we were looking for his little willy, when bam 'its a little girl' comes out the scan ladies mouth.. I was I'm shock, I had to ask if she was sure haha, and she reassured me she was almost 100% sure. I'd secretly wanted a girl all along and now my dream had come true, just a shame we had to start the name process all over again!

Going back to middle names we decided that if we were using Jack's choice of middle name for a boy, I got the choice of the girls middle name. I thought it would we lovely to use mine, and then maybe it would be carried on by her. So Rose was decided as her middle name. 

First names we had loads of, a whole list actually! We hated common names, every baby you see these days are an Olivia or Amelia, and while I think these names are lovely, I didn't want my little girl being one of many. Especially as I'm an Emily and it's just so so common (it's so unfair my mum got a bit more creative with my little sisters Carmen, Jade and Amber haha)! 

A few on our list were:
  • Phoebe
  • Matilda
  • Delilah
  • Sparrow
  • Florence
I bet you're reading that and thinking 'Sparrow!? What weirdos haha' but we thought it was cute.. Was never a proper option though, especially not when her surname was going to be Peacock! Jack hated Florence (but then proceeded to tell me a month after she was born he loved the name, men ay haha. We thought they all went lovely with Rose too, perfect. 

We narrowed it down to Phoebe and Matilda and then just kinda stopped thinking about it after that. Everyone would ask what her name was and we genuinely didn't have one haha. I thought about it more and thought wouldn't it be lovely to put my Nan's name as her middle name instead, I thought she would like it, and make her slightly happier towards the situation too haha. See my nans name is Jean, so Phoebe Jean would be the end result. It wasn't until Jack started singing 'Billy Jean' after I told him that the idea went out the window as quickly as it came in haha!

I was now around 35 weeks pregnant and I thought it might be time to actually decide a name. As much as we loved these two we just couldn't pick one. This naming business is hard, especially when they have to live with it for life. This may sound so bad, but we were actually watching the Indiana Jones films at the time. One night we were just joking around picking names from DVDs around d our flat and we both said Indiana at the same time. We just looked at each other and I instantly knew that this was it. It sounds so beautiful with Rose and was unique without be too out there. 

We added it to our list but every time we talked about my bump we always ended up calling her Indiana. I turned to Jack and just said that it was definitely her name and it was finally decided! We didn't tell anyone until she was born as we thought it saved comments and was a nice surprise too. When we finally revealed it everyone said how lovely and girly it was, and we actually haven't got that many Indiana Jones comments just yet haha. 

We think it suits her perfectly, our little Indie bug, perfect in every way :). I hope you enjoyed reading this, even if I ramble on too much haha!

Emily xx

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