Am I The Only One Not Weaning?


Indiana is 20 weeks tomorrow, and as the title suggests we haven't started weaning yet. My little monkey is still on 5 bottles of milk a day and that's it. She's just not ready for food yet, but I feel like I'm getting left behind!

I follow a lot of mummies on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and on other blogs and most with babies Indiana's age have begun weaning. Some are even on two meals a day! Yet there Indie is still having just milk and sometimes not even being bothered by that. I know they say you shouldn't compare but I do worry sometimes (I think that's normal haha)!

But when I think about it properly, I know my baby is just not ready for food. She shows no signs of being ready. She cannot sit up fully by herself, she doesn't lunge for food, she doesn't finish her bottles and want more 2 hours later.. nothing! Yes she watches us eating, but I honestly think she's just a nosy so-and-so and wants to know what we're up to haha!

Now she's almost 5 months old I'm definitely determined to make it to 6 months and start baby led weaning from the start, and skip the purees. The idea of making purees for Indie seemed like fun, but in reality it does seem like a bit of a faff.. especially as sometimes we're out all day so finding time to give her food would have been difficult. After reading up about blw, and hearing such good thinks about it, I think it's more for us. Baby Rice is meant to be rubbish for them anyway, as it has no nutritional value it just fills up their tummies (who wants to eat something that doesn't taste nice, not me haha!).

I know it's controversial, but I do sometimes think some people start weaning just to join in with everyone else, and just to give them food, even before their baby is ready. I admit we were so close to just giving her food when she turned 17 weeks, but we decided against it, and I'm so glad we did!

I may feel like the one left behind, but I don't think Indiana's suffering because of it. I think in the long run she will thank me, and she will start weaning when she's ready, not when I am!

How old were your babies when you started weaning?
What's your opinion on BLW?
Emily xx


  1. oh i would give anything for baby purees, even now i remember how much i loved them, i dont know much myself about weaning and think thats why cant really comment on that, but my advice would be-to give purees a go, as to baby rice I have tried it myself it tastes awful!)

  2. There is certainly no need to wean before six months so don't worry x #ShareWithMe

  3. Every child is different, and every situation is different. You will know when she is ready and you are ready together. I know it's hard not to compare we all do it. Start small with baby rice and the annabell karmel books are great to help with puree recipes when she is ready. Thank you so much for linking up to Share WIth Me. What a great blog you have here thanks for the introduction. #sharewithme

  4. It sounds as though you are anyway, but I say go with your instincts. 20 weeks is too young to start weaning so don't feel left behind! The guidelines are just guidelines but they are quiet right that baby doesn't need more than milk for the first 6 months. And even then some babies can be 7/8 months before they want to or are ready for food. Don't worry- you're doing a fab job
    x x


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