Indiana's First Swim!


On Sunday we took Indiana swimming for the first time! It was so exciting, and watching her little face while in the pool made me so happy.

We'd been putting it off for ages! We didn't know when to go, what to wear, all that jazz! I kept making excuses as I had nothing to wear.. I didn't want to get my stretchmarks out in public! But I'm so glad I finally braved it, and you know what, I couldn't care less what people thought as it was so worth it!

Our local pool unfortunately doesn't have parent changing rooms so if we ever go one of us would have to take Indie by themselves. It makes sense for me to take her anyway, as Jack said the male changing rooms didn't have any baby facilities! The ladies has a children's section, but there's no where private to get changed, which I think put me off too. Luckily this time my sister Gemma came along with my nephew so we had two people watching the babies haha.

I was really anxious that she would just scream. She likes the bath but never seems too fussed about it. However, I worried for no reason! She didn't giggle, and I don't think she even smiled but there were no tears or fussing. She just looked amazed at what was going on. She loved looking at all the other people, and wasn't fazed with them splashing and squealing about around her.

Unfortunately our pool doesn't allow us to take pictures while they're in the pool so we weren't able to capture the moment. But I took these shots before we went.. check out them leg rolls, chunky little lady haha!

Her swimsuit is from John Lewis and is super cute. We also have two UV all in one suits for holiday along with the matching hats. We used swim nappies this time however we did actually recently purchase a reusable one, again from John Lewis. It can be used up until they're 30 months so we thought it was much better, and cheaper than forking out on swim nappies every time!

We are so excited to take her in the pool on holiday now, and to go again. We're hoping she loves the water as much as we do!

How was your little ones first swim?

What's your opinion on reusable swim nappies?


  1. She looks so cute in her costume :) my son hated his first swim!

    1. Aww thank you! I really thought she would, she definitely surprised me haha x

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! I think it looks even cuter as it's so small :) x

  3. She looks so cute, I can't wait to take Sophie swimming and I'm thinking of taking her next week. Like you I've been put off by the idea of communal changing rooms and what we should both wear! I've found a local..ish pool that has family changing cubicles and I have a swim suit that covers all my lumps and bumps (I had to go to a spa day for a hen do 7 weeks after giving birth!!) so that's two problems solved but I'm just not sure what to put Sophie in. I have a swimsuit for her but I' am puzzled by nappies.

    1. Aww how was it?! I'm sure you look fab! We used the huggies swim nappies for this occasion but have purchased a reusable swim nappy by Konfidence. No need for swim nappies underneath it so saves so much money! x


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