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After we moved back in February we finally got to create a nursery for Indiana that we both love (well I know I do anyway haha). We are renting so can't paint and put things on the walls, but we wanted to keep it a bit more simple anyway! She's so lucky to have her own double sized room.. what a lucky little lady!

The walls were already white/cream so we have just added a few girly touches to make the room a bit prettier and nursery like. We went with the Daisy Lane theme from Mothercare, as well as floral so it's super girly, and personally I would be happy in there haha!

We had most bits of furniture and extras before me moved but have been adding to it for the past few weeks and now I think it's almost complete. Firstly her cotbed is the Alex Cotbed from John Lewis. We thought a cotbed would be more practical as it saves buying two and then as soon as we know she's ready for a big girl bed we just have to do a few adjustments!

Her bedding is a whole mismatch as we were given some bits and then got some bits ourselves. Her bumper is from The Little White Company, her coverlet and blanket are from Mothercare (Daisy Lane) and the sheets are from John Lewis. The white blanket over the edge of the cot is a family 'heirloom' from Jack's family.. his brother, two cousins and himself were brought home from hospital in it, and so was Indie! 

She has gained quite a large collection of cuddly toys for such a young lady, but I must admit I love them all! The three pink bears were given as gifts when she was born, along with the two Jellycat bunny rabbits. Her comforter and Fisher Price Seahorse live here too!

When we picked the bedding we wanted them mobile that matched, but it was out of stock for months! Then one day we were browsing around Toys 'R' Us and we found this one. It's from the Vintage Love & Kisses range at Babies 'R' Us. It matches our bedding perfectly, and plays 'you are my sunshine' which is a cute touch. The Daisy Lane mobile is back in stock now but I wouldn't change the one we have now.

The wall stickers are also Daisy Lane at Mothercare. We had them on the wall in her old nursery and had to peel them off and stick them somewhere to transport them to here. But hey at least we know they are transferable haha! They're such cute designs and we have little collections of them around the room.

Above the cot is some really cute floral bunting. As soon as I saw it I knew I HAD to have it.. so we did haha! It's quite long so stretches across one wall easily, and we will definitely be getting some more eventually. It's from a local store called Jeremy's Home Store.

At the end of her cot we have two drawers full of important bits. These are from Argos and came in a set. They have cute little baskets that actually fit way more than you think in them. We've got ours filled with wipes, extra bits we don't need right now (such as weaning bits), muslins and all her potions and lotions. We have our Johnson's box full of bathtime items as well as our Motorola baby monitor on top.

Next to these are her main drawers. These are from Ikea and are the MALM chest of 3 drawers in white. We saw this in Ikea when I was pregnant and thought they'd make a great changing station. Little did we know when we opened the top drawer Ikea had the same idea, how weird haha! We had to get another when we moved as little miss has so many clothes we needed more space to keep them. The one of the left is full of clothes and then her towels and blankets, and then the one on the right has her changing bits on the top and then accessories, blankets and her carrier.

Again we're back with Daisy Lane for our changing mat. It comes with a material cover that goes over the top to keep the baby warm, although it feels like everytime I put it on missy wees/poops all over it and it goes back in the wash! On the other drawer we keep out the bits we always use and then have her photo album that has her newborn picture and footprint in it.

From the very beginning I wanted the baby's name on the door/wall. While baby shopping we went into JoJo Maman Bebe and saw these super cute name letters. They were only £1 per letter and are way cuter than other ones we saw which were more expensive!

This side of the room is pretty plain, as we wanted to keep it as simple as possible. We have her toybox (that's still empty haha) which is again from Ikea. Then her toy basket.. good old Daisy Lane again! Finally she has her Boppy pillow and a collection of books down there. This I hope will eventually have a chair in so we can read stories together, but for now we just snuggle on the floor. Her changing bag and carseat are kept over here too. Above this is where we have hung her Bounty canvases. These have a really funny story behind them, but I just love them. Every time I look at them I just smile because they're such beautiful memories.

Finally we're back around to the window. We have definitely made the most of the window ledge space. We have a wicker basket which we found on Ebay filled with her smaller books and bows from The Bow Boutique. Her shoes are up here too, because they're just too cute to keep hidden away haha! She has her 'First Tooth & Curl' set from John Lewis up here too on display.

We never got around to getting a blackout curtain as they're just so expensive! In the end we opted for the travel black out blind from the Gro Company. It's way better as we can take it with us where ever we go, and all you need to do is stick it to the window! It has a cute moons and stars design on it too which is a lovely touch.

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