Looking Back On My First Pregnancy


Recently I've been getting all sentimental looking back on my bump pictures and labour video. Everytime I see my bump I miss it even more! I admit I still even get jealous when I see a pregnant lady, even though I have my beautiful 4 month old Indie haha. So I thought I'd share some of my pictures with you. We only found out when I was 10 weeks, and I got a bit lazy with picture taking haha, but here goes (this is going to be a very picture heavy post).

11+2 Days
First scan at 13+1
16 Weeks
17+5 Days
19+2 Days

We didn't tell people straight away what we were having. From the beginning we thought we were having a boy, we were even calling my a bump a 'he'. When the sonographer said it was a girl the first thing out my mouth was 'are you sure?!' haha! We went straight into town to buy pink things and picked up this ribbon in Fenwicks. We took this picture and a few others and posted it on Facebook. This was the first time we had even announced it on there, and gave everyone the surprise we were having a girl too!

25+3 Days
26+2 Days
From the second we found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a 3D/4D scan. We were so lucky that our local private scan clinic had an offer on that made the price a lot lower (they're pretty pricey), so booked it for my birthday! It was the most amazing experience seeing 'Speck' as we called her throughout my pregnancy, bouncing around and her features so clearly. I would recommend one to anyone!

3D/4D Scan at 26+5
31+3 Days
My baby shower was put on by my sister Laura at her flat. It was only a small affair with just family and some close friends attending, but it was a lovely afternoon. We played games, had loads of food and surprisingly we got quite a few gifts which we were very grateful for! 

Around summer time as well we saw adverts for The Baby & Toddler Show at our local shopping centre, Bluewater. We heard good things about it so booked tickets to go ourselves. So at 34 weeks pregnant we spent the day walking around the show and the shopping centre, and man that was tiring! The show was great and we got these pictures taken for free (we loved them so much we bought a photography experience, which you can read about here).

The day after the baby show at 34+1 I was sent home from work after suspected broken waters and after feeling faint all day). I eventually found out I had low iron and needed to take supplements, lucky me haha!

Hearing the baby's heartbeat was amazing
38 Weeks
By 39 weeks I was SO ready to have this baby haha, so we started to walk literally everywhere. We went to our local park at just walked and walked.. and even snuck in a couple of lunges haha! I felt like a whale and nothing fit, not even my maternity clothes! My belly button was poking through and my belly would hang out the bottom haha.

39 Weeks (that ball was my best friend at this point haha)
40 Weeks (I'd finally dropped!)
I was SO lucky to go into labour on my due date. So I didn't have to go overdue or get induced. My labour did however take 2 days, but you can read more about that here. I managed to get a final bump shot, but this was on the 25th by the time I was allowed to go to the delivery suite.

You can see my stretchmarks pretty badly in this shot :(
Just a few hours old
Even writing this post has got me all emotional.. those damn hormones just haven't gone away haha! I can't believe that this was so long ago. It's almost a year since I found out I was pregnant, and I actually was this time last year (I just didn't know it!). 

Do you miss your bump?


  1. ahhh an amazing post and what a lovely post to look back on :) x #Carnival x

  2. This is lovely. Its amazing seeing your bump grow like that. I was very lazy with bump photos. I really wish I'd taken them regularly like this.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

    1. I was really lazy to begin with, but so glad I got as many as I did, such great memories :) x

  3. Awe, this is such a lovely way of looking back on such a precious time! #carnival

  4. aaaawww so lovely looking back on things, making me feel broody!! #bloggingmumscarnival x

    1. Haha, it does to me too and she's only 5 months old :) x

  5. This is lovely! You had such a cute, neat bump too! I too look back so fondly on my pregnancy, I was so lucky to have an 'easy' one and I do miss my bump. You have made me VERY broody now! Great post :)

  6. Aww thank you, I really miss my bump so much! I had a pretty easy pregnancy as well which I'm so greatful for. Haha whoops ;) xx


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