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In just over 5 weeks time we're going on our first family holiday! Words cannot describe how excited we are, or how nervous we are too.

Indiana's always been a pretty good little lady; she goes 4 hours between feeds, sleeps through the night, and loves being out in her pram, but the thought of taking her on a plane is quite daunting. I don't think it really helps that we have a 6am flight either.. joy haha!

We'll be flying from Gatwick to Majorca, so it's not exactly a long haul flight, but I can imagine it's going to feel that way. However, I have been searching for about a month now for tips on travelling with a baby. My mum's always told me it's easier to take them at this age (we went to Florida a few times with my brother and sisters when they were 3 months, 10 months, and in their toddler stages so she knows what it's like!).

The first tip I have found is to be super prepared! Any one who knows me will know I am anyway. I'm getting the suitcases out this week and I'm going to start packing up Indie's bits. We also went to Boots recently and started purchasing the holiday essentials. We have bought ready to use sterilised Tommee Tippee Bottles for the plane journeys, along with the ready made milk cartons. Indie has never been fussy and will drink her milk hot or cold so these are perfect. It also means we don't have to lug around bottles, as we can just throw them away when she's done!

We then purchased Boot's own sterilising tablets. We were considering the liquid, but realised these wouldn't be as heavy and are probably better. We'll just use these with a plain and simple washing up bowl to sterilise whilst there, as again it just seems easy (and cheaper too haha).

The finally purchases we made are for travelling whilst there, and at home too! We knew we didn't want to take our Oyster with us, as I don't want to risk damaging it (it wasn't cheap!), and we wanted something easier to travel with. So we purchased a buggy for our holiday, and to use once she's bigger too. We got the Mamas & Papas Kato buggy in pink and grey. They were having a sale so it was half price, and is perfect, exactly what we needed! Then to go with this we purchased a Snoozeshade. My sister has one for Oliver's carseat and I think they're a fab idea! They offer sun protection as well as creating a perfect naptime setting whilst they're in the pram.

If you are a follower of my blog or youtube channel you will know how crazy we've gone on clothes for holiday haha. I now have the hard task of deciding which ones to bring, which knowing me will be all of them!

I'd love some tips for travelling with a young baby, especially for whilst at the airport or on the plane, as most I've read are for older toddlers and not for a 6/7 month old baby!

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