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Ever since we brought Indiana home from hospital we've used a product on her little bottom to keep it protected from nappy rash. Growing up I saw my mum and then my sister use Sudocrem so it was an obvious choice when picking a nappy care product for Indiana. When I was given the chance to review the new Sudocrem Care & Protect I jumped at the chance as I know how great the brand is. I've been using it for over a week now so thought I'd tell you what I thought.

Instead of helping clear up existing nappy rash, the new forumla is designed to be used at every nappy change, to prevent nappy rash from occurring to begin with. It's specially formulated to create a productive barrier that keeps in the skins natural moisture. This then in turn keeps the skin soft and smooth and creates a protective layer that guards against infection and the causes of nappy rash. As well as this it contains special ingredients (nothing nasty, just the good stuff like Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5) which conditions the skin, keeping it in a healthy condition. 

What I thought was great about the new design is the handy tube. It's much smaller than the tubs which means it's better for keeping in your changing bag. The tube also has an easy to use flip-top lid that can be opened with one hand, great for when you're fumbling about try to keep a wriggly baby like Indie still with one hand haha. This design also means there's less chance of the lid coming off and the product getting everywhere, or into the wrong little hands!

I found the cream to be much thinner than the regular Sudocrem. When I first used it I instantly thought of sun cream, as it's a similar consistency and rubs in like it too. I think this put me off it slightly, as I love the thickness of regular Sudocrem as I feel like it's doing a better job (probably just me being a worried mummy haha). Although saying this even though it's thinner a small bit covers a large area, so the tube should last longer!

I did find a couple of negatives while using the product. Firstly is that because the cream is so thin it's very easy to squeeze out too much. I found myself having far too much cream on my finger than I actually needed, which defeats the point of you not needing as much! Also to go along with this point is that I found excess cream was always left over around the rim of the tube. This makes it much messier, and it happened the first time I used it, which I don't think should be happening!

Overall I'm actually pretty impressed with the product! I probably wouldn't make the change, as I'm too stuck in my ways with the normal Sudocrem product haha. It's definitely something I would consider using though, as it's a great idea that it protects before nappy rash even begins!

* I was sent this product to review however all opinions expressed are my own, and I was not paid for this review.

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