Teething Part 2


So at the start of last month I posted about the start of mine and Indie's teething journey. We're now a month in boy it's a rough journey!

Before teething I would have said Indiana was a 'perfect' baby. Yeah she fussed a bit and was a handful sometimes, but she would eat regularly and I would know how much, and she slept through the night 7-7 woohoo! But since teething everything has flipped on it's head. 

I know it's normal and a lot of mummies go through the same thing, but seeing your baby in pain is the worst thing imaginable. She has never been a massive screamer but she would wake up in the middle of the night so upset and there wasn't much I could do to soothe her. This went on for almost a month and we're hoping it's starting to calm down a bit now. After having her sleep through from 5 weeks old waking up at night again was a definite shock to the system! She still has her bad nights, and I'm prepared for it all over again with more and more teeth!

This was the same with feeding. Where her gums hurt she didn't want to suck her bottle. But she would get so worked up over being hungry and then not wanting to suck. The worst part was that after giving Bonjela or Calpol we still had to wait for it to take affect! The poor thing was in so much pain and the only thing we found that worked during the waiting period was bouncing her up and down whilst walking around (this kills your arms after a while, good work out though hey haha). Then when she did eat she wasn't nearly as interested, she's gone from finishing 8ozs every time to taking as little as 4!

As mentioned above we're still using Calpol and have now purchased Bonjela to help soothe her gums. The Bonjela is a lifesaver! Is takes a bit of time to kick in, and can't be used too soon before feeding (it'll just rub off otherwise), but once it works it does wonders! 

She has progressed to chewing practically everything and anything now. She's constantly sopping wet with dribble, and so are my fingers which are her favourite chew toy haha! To help we thought it was best to invest in some more teether toys. She loves them but the faces she makes whilst chewing them are hilarious, you'd think I'd given her a lemon haha! She still has Sophie and her Nuby keys but we didn't think they were enough. 

In my recent Sassy Bloom box I relieved a Nuby 'Bug a loop' teether. It's amazing! It's the perfect shape for her to hold and fits perfectly in her mouth for a good chomp. Sometimes I look over at her and she's wearing it as a bracelet.. Super cute! She also has another toy that is great for teething babies. We picked it up at a bootfair so no idea what it's actually called but she loves it, and the great thing about it is that it was only 20p haha. 

We can now see white little lumps under her gums in a lot of places. We don't think her bottom two are far off making an appearance (that's what we hope anyway). I know they can take ages to pop through for some and that it's a long process though. These poor little babies, they go through so much when their little!

So that's about it for now, I'll update again when hopefully we'll have some teeth!

Emily xx

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