The Baby & Toddler Show At Bluewater


 We were lucky enough to win tickets to this years event from the lovely Cheeky Rascals, which took place from Friday 25th-Sunday 27th April. It was SO strange going with a baby this time, as I was around 34 weeks pregnant on our last visit, crazy haha! We came along with my sister, her other half and my two nephews this time too, and it was a great day out!

What I thought was such an amazing idea was that you could borrow a carrier to use while at the show, all for free. We got Indie out as soon as we got there and we'd been in the car for a while, but quickly realised she would be too heavy to carry in our arms for too long. So Jack went off to collect a carrier while I carried on looking around.

He said the ladies helping were fantastic; one took Indie (and amazingly she didn't cry haha), while another strapped him in. She was a bit unsure at first, but once she snuggled up to daddy with her dummy she was so happy, and even fell asleep. Jack said how much he enjoyed carrying her, and it left so much space for me to collect bits from the show haha.

So once we were settled we were free to look around the event. It was full of babies and expectant parents, and there was so much to see! We quickly lost my sister as we were taken in by different sights, she was keen to see the ladies at bras4mums as she's breastfeeding. They were very helpful and helped her with trying on a whole selection, and she left very happy with her purchase.

We were more interested in just having a browse, as we weren't intending to buy anything. I spoke to some lovely people, and all the stall holders were friendly, and keen to tell you about their products. I loved the Baby Planet section with all the prams, and larger items. They had Pink Lining changing bags and Jack had to drag me away before I bought another haha. We chatted to the lady at the Oyster section as this is the pram we have. I was keen to learn more about the new Oyster2 as it's just been released!

I was amazed at how many brands were there with cool new products. Rosey Jennifer Designs featured the most beautiful clocks and bits for children. Their lampshades were utterly amazing, and I wish we had purchased one for Indiana's room (however it was the price that stopped us, as we're trying to stop spending at the moment haha). This was the same for the prints and canvas at Little Sweet Designs, I wish I could have got them all!

One stall that stopped us in our tracks and got us excited was Spring Nutrition. As you probably know we haven't started weaning Indiana yet, and our plan is to do baby led weaning. The ladies at Spring Nutrition were about just that, perfect! One of the main ladies was Julie Clark, who was there selling her brand new baby led weaning, step by step book. We were so happy we came across them as it's exactly what we needed, and the goody bag came with a doidy cup and a pack of rice cakes for the start of our journey too!

The other stall that had a similar impact was Bibisili Bibs. Again this links with us starting thinking about weaning Indie. We have purchased a Tommee Tippee bib but it's very stiff, and it going to be a pain to carry around on holiday especially. However these bibs are SO soft and flexible, they could be scrunched up and thrown in a bag so easily, and the designs are super cute too.

The whole time we were walking around there were talks and activities going on. There was a main stage where throughout the day stall holders gave talks, and other bits went on. While we were in there there was a free baby sensory activity, that although we didn't see, my sister said Freddie and Oliver loved.

I much preferred this years show to the last one, as there was just so much more to see. Maybe that's because we have a baby now, who knows. The layout was also much better as it seemed easier to get around. However I did notice that tickets didn't include goody bags like they did last year. They had to be purchased separately, or you had to get a higher priced ticket! There was also a lot of leaflets given out, and less free samples. I remember leaving last year with samples of nappy cream and all those kind of bits, yet this year we didn't get any!

Overall though we had a great day. I love the location of this show, as because it's inside a shopping centre it's a whole day out. After we left the show we grabbed something to eat and then went shopping, my favourite thing to do haha! Parking is also free, and it's all in one place, much better than travelling around ages to find where it is! I can't wait to go to the next one and see what it's like!


  1. Looks like you had a great day! Not sure I'll get to any baby shows before bubs arrives, so maybe next year!xx

    1. We did thank you :). I would definitely recommend going, there's so much to see that I wouldn't have thought about if I didn't see it there xx

  2. Looks busy and yet theres space for mothers to push their buggy! I wish I can attend exhibits like this =) #binkylinky

    1. It's great! Would definitely recommend to anyone :) x

  3. So glad you enjoyed the sling I was one of ladies who helped fit it :) x

    1. Thank you! Jack said you were very helpful and she really enjoyed it :) x


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