Auntie Em, Reporting For Duty!


I'm sure many would agree with me when I say that being an auntie is something so special. I became an auntie to my first nephew Freddie nearly three years ago now, and since the day he was born I've loved every minute of it!
I remember when he was born getting a call from my sister to tell me he was here (I didn't really appreciate it at 3am or something equally ridiculous haha), but I was just SO excited. At this point my sister lived a while away and as I don't drive visiting was an issue. We used to meet up every nearly Tuesday evening and I loved my squishy cuddles. I remember watching him roll and seeing him do his hilarious attempt at crawling and of course I loved hearing those giggles. I've watched him grow from a little baby into a cheeky, mischievous and utterly beautiful little boy and he still amazes me.Now Gemma's come back closer to home I spend SO much more time with them. I feel so proud when I teach him things or he learns from me. Although I don't think Gemma was so pleased that her son was walking around pointing out 'pikey trees' (he has a bit of speech delay so pikey is his way of saying spikey haha!). 

Then almost 5 months ago my little pudding of a nephew Oliver made his appearance, and the roll of auntie became even more fun! Of course I loved spending time with them to watch Indiana and Oliver play together, but most of the time I get there and we do a baby swap haha. Oliver is a chunk and I love it haha. He is also the most ticklish baby I've ever met, and I could have hours of joy listening to his snorty giggle!
I think my favourite part of spending time with the boys is when Freddie comes and gives me a kiss and cuddle goodbye. He is so affectionate and I like to think he loves his auntie Em just as much as I love him! 

Oh and another great thing, when these two play up and start crying, I can pass them back to Gemma... result haha!
Emily xx
Super Busy Mum


  1. I love being an Aunty, but wish my sister lived closer so we could all spend more time together. My twins adore their cousins. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  2. Haha can i just say that my sister loves being an aunty too! My sister lives far tho so she would always chat with me and my son. She would give in to my sons request like photos of traffic signs which he is obsessed of from my country. This makes me really really happy knowing that in addition to us parents there are some other people who loves my son unconditionaly =) #BinkyLinky

  3. Aw how cute! Your nephew is lucky to have you as an auntie! I have 2 nephews and a niece on my husbands side but my brothers won't be having kids anytime soon! We've just moved to an area near where one of my nephews is and it's the first time we've been near any family since we got married. It's so lovely seeing him on a regular basis and watching him grow. He's so good with my baby, Isla too :) xx


  4. It must be great living closer to your sister. I don't live near my siblings it's ashame as Eliot loves playing with his cousin x

  5. Aw it's lovely you have kids who can play together :-) Evie is the only one in our family so far and I don't see any of my siblings having kids any time soon! We are due our second in Nov though so she'll have someone to play with then :-) x

  6. How gorgeous is your little nephew and you both look like the sweetest little auntie/nephew double team! Love it. I've yet to be made an Auntie but I cannot wait! Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH x


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