Baby Led Weaning: 1 Week To Go!


Monday marked one week until Indiana turns 6 months old, and therefore one week until we start baby led weaning! But why did we decide to wean this way?

If you've read my previous post on weaning you'll know that I was worried that we were getting left behind with the whole weaning thing. Everyone around me seemed to be giving their babies purees, and some weren't even 4 months old yet. To me (and this is definitely just my opinion, don't shoot me haha) I did feel it was pretty much a following everyone else thing, and that they weren't actually listening to their babies. When Indiana reached 4 months she couldn't care less about food, and wasn't even too bothered by milk at this point either! 5 months came and still there wasn't much interest, as she was showing none of the signs of needing it.

We decided quite early on that we wanted to follow baby led weaning and not the traditional way. I've read so much about it and just think it's better for us and Indiana. It means that we can just give her what we're eating (to a certain extent haha), and there's no need to worry about mashing up her food. I was having my food mashed up until I was pretty old and I'm now a fussy eater, and I really don't want that for Indie!

Now she's finally starting to show some signs that she's becoming ready for more than milk! She's going less time between her bottles; she used to go four, or even more, but now she's sometimes hungry after just three! She's getting much better at sitting by herself and can sit comfortably in her highchair now without looking slumped. She's even started trying to take what we're eating. On Sunday she was sat next to Jack eating his breakfast and she was trying SO hard to get what he was eating, and cried her eyes out when he took it away haha! She's also like a little stalker when you eat now and will follow you with your food and open and close her mouth like a little bird, bless her. 

All of these signs make me know she's now actually ready for food! But we're still going to wait that last week until she's 6 months. It's what's recommended and a week isn't going to be too hard to wait, as we've made it this far haha. As you might be able to tell I'm SO excited for our journey to begin, and will definitely be documenting it both on the blog and over on my YouTube Channel.

What's your opinions on BLW?


  1. Good luck. It must be really exciting. I am really looking forward to weaning Sophie, but I'm hoping to wait until as close to 6 months as possible. I really can't decide between baby led weaning and making purees and I think I'm going to do a mix of both but I'm reading up on it. The biggest decision for me is whether to feed Sophie meat or not. I haven't eaten meat for 18 years and I have never cooked it. I've eaten fish for 5 years so she will definitely eat that. x

  2. That's fantastic follow your gut and go with what you think is best, mommy knows best. I did the same with MM as Buba is a picky eater and had smashed food way too long as he hates solids at first but MM is much better and just eats what we eat and its so much easier for everyone. She loves feeding herself too. Sounds like you are doing amazing job. Go Mommy . Good luck. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. I also waited a bit when I started introducing soft food for my son. We started at 6 months but he is still not ready even... we then slowlys tarted the 7th month and he was okay with that. I am okat of some people think its too late but thats just how it is. I dont want to force my son food when all that he wants is milk. I support your choice and your daughter looks like she is ready looking at that photo with her dad! So cute #ShareWithMe

  4. I've started to introduce a bit of food to Baby London now. I'm not going crazy with it but he's not lasting with just milk anymore. I go with what he wants. I stop when he's no longer interested, I'm trying to let him tell me how he wants to be fed. He's still got the reflex where he pushes most of the food out of his mouth so I'm not forcing it. I@m hoping he'll get to 6months on just the minimum I'm giving him so we can also go to BLW.


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