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I've been tagged by Letters To Elliot to complete the Blog Your Heart Out meme. I've done a couple of these tags now but never seen this one before, so was excited to give it a go!
So what is the Blog Your Heart Out meme? So I've been tagged to answer these 5 questions, which I then have to tag another set of bloggers to complete (pretty simple really!). So here goes:
Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?
It took me ages to work out that a lot of the mummies I followed on Instagram were actually bloggers haha! After discovering theirs and falling in love with the idea I started my own. I had been vlogging for quite a while and knew it would be another great way to capture the memories of being a mummy and of Indiana growing up!
How did you choose what to blog about?
Well I already did videos about pregnancy and all things baby so it was pretty obvious I would blog about this too haha, although I'm definitely not an expert!
What is something most people don’t know about you?
To be honest I'm a pretty open book! Not many people know that I'm a massive hoarder. I keep so many things other people would see as rubbish. I have every cinema ticket I've ever had, receipts from special occasions, and even cards from when I was like 11... I just can't throw them away haha!
What three words describe your style?
Hmm, organised, simple and comfortable. I have to plan everything, and won't make arrangements to go anywhere unless I know times/places/travel arrangements haha. I don't bother making/doing anything to fancy as I'm not that kind of girl, I don't really bother with makeup or pretty clothes. I'd much rather be comfortable, especially when I'm home with Indie.
What do you love to do when you are not blogging?
To be honest my favourite thing to do is nothing haha! When Indie's napping I generally write a blog post or edit a video. The best part of the day is when Jack's home, Indie's in bed and we can just snuggle up and do absolutely nothing! Although I love playing with Indie when she's awake, she's such a character these days.
Emily xx

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