Paddling Pool Fun!


It was another scorching day yesterday (I know I was surprised too haha!), so we of course had to spend it outside again! As you know my sister Gemma and her partner now live close by so we were invited to spend the day with them and my two nephews.

We begun our day with a quick spritz of our flat; there's something about this weather that makes me just want to get up and do things! Then we headed out for our usual weekend Costa fix - Jack had lunch there but I'm currently dieting so it was just an iced lemonade and vegetable crisps for me! We sat outside and put Indie in a highchair for the first time... she looked absolutely tiny and I'm not sure she enjoyed it too much haha!
After this we popped over to my sister's house. She had just got back herself after purchasing a huge paddling pool for the kids (and themselves haha). Jack had the job of pumping it up the lucky boy haha. The only downside was we had no other way of filling it than buckets; now that took a lifetime! 

Once filled we lathered up the kids head to toe in sun cream, Jack said he even covered Indiana's little head the poor baldy haha. Then cossies and hats went on and in then went! They had a lovely time splashing about, especially Freddie who has such a special bond with the babies. He was making Indiana giggle by just being his crazy self!
We then topped the day off with dinner out at a local pub/restaurant, which was a perfect end to a pretty perfect day! I love this sunny weather!

What did you do in the sun this weekend?
Emily xx

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  1. Indie's swimming costume is soooo cute... xx

    x Maria x


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