Preparing To Get Messy!


As you may know we're planning on baby led weaning Indiana. Today marks two weeks until she turns 6 months so we've begun the process of preparing her, and us haha! 

Yesterday whilst out was the first time ever she'd gone for something we were eating/drinking. We were in Starbucks and the little monkey went straight for my cup and cream on top! She was then grabbing everything in sight (including a napkin haha).

This was such an exciting step and is showing us that she's getting ready. So we popped her in her highchair with us at the table yesterday so she could see us eating. We gave her her own spoon and she looked so pleased with herself! We got all these tips from the weaning book we picked up at the Baby Show. The plan is to continue this for the next two weeks, and then on the day she turns 6 months to just let her eat with us... so exciting!
I will be posting a Baby Led Weaning diary so make sure you follow if you're interested :)
Emily xx


  1. Such sweet photographs - love the headband! Sounds like you have a lot of fun times coming your way!

  2. You will love baby led weaning :) best decision I ever made


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