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Pretty Pink Florals For Indiana

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Now it's looking more like spring I'm loving dressing Indiana in pretty floaty dresses and LOTS of florals (I have a bit of an obsession haha). I think she has more dresses and cute outfits than me these days, but I just can't help buying more!
Today's outfit is from Next and I'm so glad it finally fits. I don't know what it is with Next sizes but I find them to be huge! We were given this dress as a gift when she was born and I instantly fell in love, but was upset at having to wait until 3 months for her to wear it (it's 3-6 months), little did I know I'd have to wait almost 6 months for it to fit properly! 

It's not as warm today as it has been and there's definitely storm clouds out there so I'm glad it's a little thicker than her other dresses! Also because of this I've teamed it with a long sleeved vest from John Lewis and some white tights from Mothercare.
Back to moaning about sizes, what on earth is with the sizes of tights?! For one the age range 0-6 months is quite frankly ridiculous I think. What newborn is going to have the same leg size as a 6 month old! As you can see from these pictures they are even too big for a 6 month old anyway haha. 

Anyway rant over with I love this outfit and Indie seems super comfortable in it. Oh and of course I completed the outfit with a Bow Boutique headband and bow!
What's your thoughts on baby clothes sizing?
Emily xx
Ickle Pickles Life


  1. Same here i hate buying tights! And socks, well dont get me started i hate pink/white pattrny socks when they are wearing leggings i want plain black socks (a little boring i know but still!!!), dont get me wrong i love a frilly sock but not with a leggings outfit! ;) x

  2. Awww she looks beautiful xxx

    x Maria x

  3. Such a cutie! Thank you for linking up with my #bootd

  4. She's so cute! My daughter had this dress! It's lovely- the material is so soft! It's sadly too small now but she wore it all winter!
    Anneka x


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