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I was waiting for a new phone for what seemed like forever, my contract didn't run out until June and I couldn't wait for a new one. Then one day my beloved Blackberry decided to die on me (yes I know I was one of the 'uncool' ones left with Blackberry but I loved it haha). So I just HAD to get a new one then... yay! I made the purchase and joined the iPhone club, getting a new iPhone 5C; however I think I was more excited about being able to get a decent case than my phone!

I searched for ages but just couldn't find one I loved, as I wanted one that still showed the pink bit, and most covered this up! Then I was contacted by Mr Nutcase and I couldn't believe my luck, they were just what I was after!

Mr Nutcase are an online company specialising in personalised phone and tablet covers for a huge range of makes and models. It's pretty simple really:
  1. Pick your phones make/model 
  2. Choose the design (they have a huge array of collage designs!) you want 
  3. Upload you picture/pictures 
  4. If you wish you can even add text 
  5. Order! 
It's so simple and I'm pretty sure even my mum could do it who is a complete techno-phobe haha. However, I will tell you that picking the photo I wanted was such a hard decision. I wanted just one picture as I thought this would look more simple against the pink. In the end I decided on this beautiful picture of me and Indiana at Hastings beach. Another great thing about it is that I chose to have the image just on the back, not wrapped around the sides, so no covered pink, woo hoo!

The case I ordered cost £14.95 which I think is pretty average these days, however I do think it's quite pricey if you want to replace the case with updated pictures on a regular basis. Shipping is free worldwide and is dispatched the next day which I think is really good!

I love the case and think it looks great on my phone. A few negatives is that I find the case quite slippery. It sounds odd but sometimes I can be holding it and it falls out of my hand! The image is also slightly grainy, but I think that's more because of the photo I used, not the case!

*I was kindly sent this case to review, however all opinions are my own*

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