SERIES: #mummyessentialproject - Week 2


Being SO busy last week I completely forgot to get involved in the mummyessentialsproject! However, I really wanted to do this weeks as it's something I think that will really help new mummies or mummies to be.

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For those of you that don't know over at Mummy Bloggers Community there is a weekly link up with all the essentials for us mummies for our babies. It has been created by the lovely Gemma, who also runs the amazing #mblogchat on Twitter,  for bloggers to share their wisdom on great products and tips for expectant mummies! This week is all about clothing, and if you hadn't guessed, what the essentials really are haha!

I admit we went a little crazy when buying clothes for Indiana. We resisted for ages and then all of a sudden we went shopping mad! This was especially true once we found out we were having a girl and I wanted to buy everything I could find that was pink haha. However looking back I now know how unnecessary a lot of the bits we got were.

For the first 8 weeks Indie was in newborn clothes then it seemed like she only spent a few weeks in her 0-3 months clothes. I found myself putting her in bits just so I could say she had worn them! This is still the case now as she just has so many bits of clothing; although now she's a bit older she does wear more outfits.

In the first few months you really only need sleepsuits, vests (we opted for long sleeved as she was born in late November), and a few hats. That's it, so simple haha! I think looking back outfits for when she was so little were a bit of a waste. She was much more comfortable in a sleepsuit, and they were easier to change too. I would say you need about 8-10 of each and that's it. I wouldn't recommend white either... we made that mistake and a number of vests ended up straight in the bin. White is not a baby friendly colour haha!

Oh and a final tip, get the sleepsuits with built in scratch mits! They are a lifesaver, and the best ones you can buy. I found separate scratch mits were poorly designed and could probably fit a 1 year old properly not a newborn baby! 

Her 'Going Home' Outfit was HUGE!

5 Months Old and still rocking a sleepsuit :)
I would say definitely get more separates when they're bigger and they will get more wear out of them. I love getting her dressed in the mornings now, the hard part is deciding what to put her in haha. I think it's a great way for them to distinguish between night and day too, as she gets dressed for the day then back in a sleepsuit for bed. But don't spend a fortune.. we made that mistake, but hey, who can resist the super cute things? Not me!
Emily xx


  1. Just read this after I published mine! They are so similar; scratch mits, only vests and sleepsuits for the beginning etc! Haha, I went on a bit of a shopping haul after I resisted for soo long too, terrible!! x

    1. It's hard not to, I just have an unhealthy addiction to Next haha xx

  2. thanks for joining in on #mummyessentialproject :) a fab post and the cutest pictures - I agree I spent far too much as Next had far too many cute things I couldn't resist! Look forward to next weeks post :) xxx


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