Hastings Beach | A Day At The Seaside with Baby


Down in the South-East we've had some amazing weather this week, so we thought it would be silly not to go on a little adventure to the seaside this weekend! We've never really been just Jack and I since we've been together, and Indie's never even seen the sea! So we got ready pretty early and traveled down to one of our local seaside town, Hastings.

It was pretty overcast and miserable looking really when we got there and it was deserted! However as the day went on the sun was beaming and it became very, very busy, especially on the beach. We enjoyed the traditional fish and chips, ice creams and of course went to the arcades on the sea front (where we came out poorer than we went in haha!).

It was a beautiful day and I really think Indie enjoyed sitting on the beach and feeling the sun on her little bare leggies. Sadly she fell asleep while we had our ice creams so none for her this time haha. We also had an interesting 5 minutes getting onto the beach, as it's all pebbles and not sand... not buggy friendly haha!

How did you spend your sunny Saturday?

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  1. Such beautiful photo's, looks like you had a lovely day xxx


    x Maria x


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