Teething Part 3 | We Have A Tooth!


So I said I would do an update when we have some more progress and I can finally say we do! I last did an update on the 10th April saying how Indiana was teething full force, and I think pretty much every day since then has been a teething day haha, lucky us! However, Monday morning (the day Indie turned 6 months), Jack was playing with Indie when he felt a tooth on the bottom right.

We've been quite lucky that Indiana has been quite a good teether really. She has her teether toys and we use Bonjela (and Calpol when she really needs it) and that usually is enough. We did have a few really bad days where she was a clingy so-and-so and would only be happy when being cuddled though.

She's also getting pretty bored of her own teething toys and has taken quite a liking to her cousins haha! It's pretty much just like the ones she already owns, but you know what kids are like, they want what the other has!

I've tried SO hard to get a picture or video clip of the tooth but it's so damn hard! Every time I go towards her mouth she pokes her little tongue out the monkey haha. It also looks like the one next to it is on it's way too, so hopefully once that's through too we'll have a bit of a rest from teething... but who knows!

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