Top 5 Newborn Essentials


Now Indiana's 5 months old I'd say I'm well into mummyhood and could probably give advice on certain things myself now! I spent the early days (and all my pregnancy) on forums such as Bounty asking for advice on what to buy for the baby, and what we actually needed. I found these kind of posts really helpful, so thought I'd finally do my own!

1 | Muslin Cloths/Squares
These are the biggest lifesavers, and we still use them day in day out 5 months on. I don't think you can ever have enough as they are the most multi-use baby product out there. Useful for feeding, moping up sick/spit-up/dribble/anything else tipped on the floor haha. We use them when we feed Indie to catch any milk that she dribbles out, and would always have one over our shoulders when holding her in the early days. Now it's getting sunnier we use them to block out the sun, or to pop on the ground to lay her on. I've recommend getting slightly more expensive ones (our favourites are from John Lewis) as they are much more absorbent and last better with the constant washing!

2 | Sleepsuits
Indiana practically lived in these for the first few months of life. They are much more comfortable for little babies and definitely more practical for when you're constantly changing nappies (and clothes due to poop explosions haha). Again I'd recommend getting slightly better quality ones as the cheaper ones (I'm looking at you Primark!) don't have the built in scratch mitts which are SO important and useful. They also wash better, as I found the cheaper ones did tend to shrink. I'd also suggest stearing away from white. I don't understand the colour for babies... it's the most unfriendly baby colour as it just gets stained from sick/poop/god knows what else haha!

3 | Moses Basket
Whenever I hear people saying these aren't important I don't understand haha! They are SO useful and I personally think the best thing for babies to sleep in those first few months especially. Most come with handles these days so they are easy to move from room-to-room with you (great for when you just can't help but watch them sleep all day haha). They are perfect for placing right next to your bed so baby is easy to reach during those night feeds. I also think they look pretty cute too haha, and much snugglier than a big cot!

4 | Comforter/Soothing Toy
We were very lucky that Indie was a great sleeper, and she only ever woke up twice a night to feed. However what she wasn't so great at was going back to sleep. We could cuddle her until she was asleep, then the second her head hit the moses basket her eyes opened and she was awake. When browsing in Mothercare before she arrived I picked up a Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse. One night Jack just popped it in her moses basket with her when she wouldn't settle and it was like magic! She was asleep before the songs finished... result! We still use it 'til this day to help soothe her if she's a bit unsettled, and I've even caught her cuddling it too, cute!

5 | Dummy
I know not everyone is pro dummy, and it's a debatable subject but to us it was essential. It took a few days for her to actually take one, as our little miss has expensive taste as will only take MAM dummies haha, but they work wonders! In the early days there were many times she would be fussy/crying but not actually hungry (this was especially true during her colicky faze). We found that a dummy helped calm her down and give her comfort. They're great to help signal nap/bedtime too, as this was mostly when she has her dummy.

So that's my top 5 products. I hope this comes in handy to any new mummies! I love reading these kind of posts, so would love to know what you think are your newborn essentials?

Emily xx


  1. Thanks lovely :-) Really helpful post as I'm not in the middle of the 'what the heck will I need?' phase!xxx

  2. I'd agree with all of those. My little boy took a lot of comfort from his dummy as a little baby so that far outweighed any concerns I'd had about giving him one! #sharewithme

  3. I agree those are definitely essentials. Although I tried the pacifier with both of mine and they both refused. Boo. hahaha Thought it would help me more than them hahaha Mine have blankies that they comfort themselves with as did I when I grew up. I think they are all different I would prefer the pacifier easy to pack and carry around with me. hahahah Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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