Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 1


So it's been a fun, messy, and pretty exciting week with Indiana's weaning. She's now a week into her weaning journey and she's taken to it like an absolute pro! She's been feeding herself with a spoon, discovering food and actual there wasn't as much on the floor as we thought haha.

The second we handed her the spoon Monday morning she just instantly knew what to do. It's amazing watching her eat away foods that we eat ourselves, and makes dinner times much more of a family occasion which I love. She's explored lots of flavours and textures and I think she definitely enjoys the stronger flavours more which was pretty surprising to me!

Here's what she has eaten this week:

Breakfast: Wheatabix with banana
Lunch: Rice cake with philli and cut up grapes
Dinner: Pasta bake (she just had the bits of pasta no cheese), a garlic bread crust, carrots and brocolli

Breakfast: Banana (we went out early)
Lunch: Banana rice cake and cucumber
Dinner: Spaghetti with bolognaise sauce (she didn't touch it haha)

Breakfast: Porridge and cucumber
Lunch: Toast fingers with strawberry jam and banana rice cakes
Dinner: Ella's Kitchen raspberry and vanilla puffits, lettuce and grapes (again didn't eat any)

Breakfast: Porridge with C&G fruit mix pouch mixed in
Lunch: Rice cake with philli and grapes
Dinner: A couple of banana rice cakes (we were out for dinner)

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit mix again
Lunch: Scrambled egg on toast (ate all the toast, no egg), and a satsuma segment
Dinner: Stir fry with Noodles

Breakfast: Porridge with strawberry jam
Lunch: Marmite sandwich
Dinner: None (she was asleep)

Breakfast: Porridge with banana
Lunch: Banana rice cakes (out)
Dinner: Tortilla wrap pizza - wrap with tomato puree, ham and cheese on top

She's loved discovering all these foods and we've been offering her water in a sippy cup at meal times usually. Her favourites so far are rice cakes and toast, although she absolutely loved her dinner last night! You can hear her going 'mmm' and 'yumm' which is unbelievably cute, and is even learning to chew already, which makes me so excited to continue our journey!


  1. Wowee she looks like she is off to an amazing start! How has the gagging been? I can't remember if your LO has any teeth yet but we've found that Diggory will chomp off huge bits off things if we give him finger food types, and I know they're supposed to be able to manage them and move them out their mouth, but it was making dinner too stressful so we've moved more towards pre-loaded spoon - which he loves.

    Saskia xx

    1. Thank you, she's loving it and so are we :). We finally have a tooth! It's not too bad, which I'm glad about haha. She has one now but is managing quite well, we do preloaded spoons for her porridge which seems less messy haha. Glad you've found something that diggory loves (beautiful name btw!) xx

  2. Lovely post - interesting and cute - I can't wait to try BLW with our little one although we're a few months away yet... if he takes to that like he's taken to BF then we'll be ok :)
    thanks for sharing!x

  3. Oh my gosh, she's so cute! I tried BLW, but our twins didn't take to it. They eat us out of house and home now!

  4. So glad she is taking it like a pro. She definitely looks happy and like a pro to me. Way to go Mommy for following her lead. You are doing marvellous. I love all the fun photos too she is absolutely stunning! So cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  5. I'm really pleased that she is getting on so well with it. She looks very happy! It looks like she has had some lovely meals :-)


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