Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 2


I cannot believe we're two weeks in already! So crazy haha! We've had a bit of a relaxed week this week as I've been out a few times and the pickle has decided she wants to actually nap this week, and has chosen meal times to do it. However, she has tried a lot of new flavours and textures and if definitely starting to chew and swallow more. How can I tell? Give me back milk poops any day haha!
So this week she has had:
MondayBreakfast: Wheatabix with banana
Lunch: White wrap with philli, carrot flavoured puffs and she tried her first Yeo Strawberry yoghurt!
Dinner: Steak, chips, baby corn, and some more of the yoghurt

Breakfast: Asleep
Lunch: Jam sandwich, carrot puffs and banana
Dinner: Turkey korma curry and rice, another yoghurt

Breakfast: Porridge with jam
Lunch: Jacket potato and beans
Dinner: Sausage, baby corn, mangetout, bread roll, then she ate SO much pear for pudding!

Breakfast: Out
Lunch: She was tired and we were out so she just tried some melon (which she loved), and licked some of my ice cream (naughty mummy haha)
Dinner: Asleep

Breakfast: Wheatabix with banana
Lunch: Philli wrap, carrot puffs and grapes
Dinner: Banana rice cakes, carrots and brocolli

As you know we're on holiday at the moment so this is a scheduled post, hence the lack of Saturday and Sunday! I will be keeping a track of all the things she tries on holiday though and will add that to week three's post!

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