Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 3


As you know we were away on holiday last week, hence why week 2 was a scheduled post! We had an amazing week away with lots to see and do, and food played a big part for Jack and I. However, weaning was not on top of our priorities.

The highchairs were quite frankly awful. They were definitely not suitable for a baby Indie's age/size even though most babies are weaned from 4/6 months! They also didn't have trays so she had to eat off of the table, which I wasn't so comfortable with (even though we had antibacterial wipes with us too). She pretty much hated being in them, so we kind of gave up with it haha. However, she did try a number of new things so I thought I'd just list them than carry on as normal next week!

She tried/had:

  • French stick (she LOVED this and happily munched on this for ages) 
  • Cucumber 
  • Toast 
  • Yoghurt 
  • Ice cream (naughty parents but it was just a few licks off of our spoon which she was practically lunging for haha) 
  • Tomato 
  • Fish finger (we took out the fish and she ate pretty much all of what we gave her!) 
  • Banana rice cakes 
  • Carrot puffs 
  • Croissant (she just sucked the corner of ours haha) 
  • Melon - she particularly loved watermelon 
  • Pear 
  • Pasta with tomato sauce 
  • Mash potato 
  • Banana 
She didn't really eat a whole lot, but what she did have she seemed to enjoy. We started up the weaning again on Saturday when we got home, and she carried on as if she hadn't stopped! She happily fed herself half a Little Yeo Rasberry yoghurt, rice cakes, puffs and then porridge Sunday morning! Greedy monkey haha.

We're hoping to introduce a lot more foods next week. She now has two teeth so she's able to bite bits off much easier!


  1. You can tell by her face she loved the melon :) where abouts did you go on holiday? Xx

    1. She really did, I think it was her favourite :). We went to Palmanova in Majorca xx

  2. It sounds like a pretty successful 3rd week to me! I often found high chairs in holiday accommodation weren't ideal for younger ones too, especially when they don't have a strap or bar to stop them falling through!
    We're off to Mallorca next week :)

    1. Tell me about it, so poor but we managed haha! Have an amazing time! x


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