Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 4


How on earth are we already a month into our weaning journey? Time really does fly when you're having fun haha! This week has been a huge success and a giant leap in progress I think. She's learnt how to bite off chunks of food, chew it and then actually swallow. Her nappies really do prove that she's taking it in, and so does the lack of mess left on her tray... well done Indie!

So this weeks menu looks like this:

MondayBreakfast: Marmite on toast + Little Yeo rasberry yoghurt
Lunch: Rice cake with peanut butter, carrot puffs and pepper
Dinner: Fish, homemade sweet potato chips and carrot

TuesdayBreakfast: Jam on toast with cheese sticks
Lunch: Cheese on toast and pepper (she left most of this)
Dinner: Garlic bread, pasta and a mixed berry frube

WednesdayBreakfast: Strawberry and banana porridge
Lunch: Jam sandwich
Dinner: Her first roast dinner! Roast chicken, roast potato, brocolli, carrot and a Yorkshire pudding

ThursdayBreakfast: Homemade banana pancake
Lunch: Philli on a crispbread, carrot puffs and Asda Little Angels oaty bar (half)
Dinner: Chicken, potato, baby corn, sugarsnaps and carrots (she wasn't very interested)

FridayBreakfast: Strawberry and banana porridge
Lunch: Banana rice cakes and carrot puffs (we were out)
Dinner: Spaghetti bolognaise + pear

SaturdayBreakfast: Jam on toast and pear
Lunch: Banana rice cakes and carrot puffs (we were out again)
Dinner: We were travelling home so had none

Breakfast: Asleep
Lunch: We had a BBQ so Indie had french stick, carrot, cucumber and some cheese straws
Dinner: Philli bagel, sweet vegetable rings + Strawberrys

I was amazed at how much she's actually eaten this week. Watching her hold roast chicken and bite chunks off was just amazing. She even managed to pick spaghetti up off of her tray and slurp it up, chewing peas and sweetcorn in the process (she was covered in it by the end haha)! She really has taken to blw well, and it's more fun everyday! I can't even eat my own snacks anymore without her wanting to share either, the little monkey.


  1. My kids are 11 and 8 and still get messy with spaghetti bolognaise HAHA! How lovely! Sounds like she is doing really well xx

  2. She looks so happy in all the pictures, must love meal times :) xx


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