Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 5


Now we're a month in I'm not going to be as strict with recording and writing down everything Indiana eats / throws on the floor haha. I did however did the past week so thought I would share! She's getting stuck in to most foods now and has taken to literally grabbing chunks of food in her hands and shoveling it in... very cute to watch but not very lady like haha! She's also discovered the wonder of strawberries and spent a lot of the week dyed pink from eating so many!
So this weeks diary looks like this:

MondayBreakfast: We were at a baby group so missed breakfast
Lunch: Peanut butter bagel, sweet vegetable rings, Little Angels oaty bar + tried pineapple!
Dinner: Chicken goujon, boiled potato, carrot, mangetout and a whole strawberry yoghurt

TuesdayBreakfast: Scrambled egg with a buttered crispbread
Lunch: Philli rice cake, cucumber and strawberries
Dinner: Cheese and ham ravioli - she HATED it and cried until we took it away haha

WednesdayBreakfast: Banana mixed with wheatabix
Lunch: Marmite bagel, grapes and ham
Dinner: Fish, sweet potato chips and carrot

ThursdayBreakfast: I made porridge fingers mixed with strawberry
Lunch: Pizza wrap with ham, cheese and peppers and strawberries
Dinner: Our version of a chicken and mushroom risotto (just made with normal rice) and a strawberry yoghurt

FridayBreakfast: We were at another baby group so had a snack of 1/2 crispbread and sweet vegetable rings
Lunch: When we got home she finished the rest of her crispbread, Ella's Kitchen puffits (which she can now pick up with her pincer grip!) and half a banana
Dinner: Shepard's pie, carrots and mangetout

SaturdayBreakfast: Scrambled egg on toast
Lunch: 1/2 crispbread with philli, sweet vegetable rings, and a satsuma (we were out for lunch so she also had a sneaky try of our ribs, naughty mummy!)
Dinner: The rest of her lunch that she didn't eat!

Breakfast: Spaghetti on toast
Lunch: Asleep
Dinner: Roast dinner - duck, roast potato, carrot and brocolli

She's tried so many new flavours this week and has decided that her hands are so much better to use than a spoon haha! Even though she will happily spoon feed herself a yoghurt and is learning to give the spoon back for more!


  1. Sounds like she's getting on really well with her food :) I love reading these posts cause of the pictures! Xx

    1. She's loving it :). Aww thank you, it's so hard to choose that's why there's more this week haha. I film it all too if you watch the videos on my YouTube :) xx

  2. Aww bless her. Noah still throws his spoon on the floor when he's finished. I have two on the go working in rotation lol. He's still not overly keen on breakfast and evening, being much more receptive at lunchtime

  3. She's doing such a fab job! Love your approach to weaning xx


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