Dentinox Teething Gel | Review


As you may know Indiana has been teething pretty much since she turned 3 months old, lucky us haha! She's coped with it pretty well most of the time, however there have been a number of days, especially recently where she's needed something to help. So when I was asked by Dentinox to review their teething gel I jumped at the chance! We've been using it for a few weeks now and we love it, and it definitely helped Indie when her second tooth was popping through.

All you have to do is pop a small amount on a clean finger (I find your little finger works best) and rub onto the gums. Indie loves it and finds it a hilarious game trying to lick it off my finger before it reaches her gums haha. I did find that it wore off quite quickly on her bad days, but the great thing is it can be reapplied after just 20 minutes! It contains a numbing agent to soothe gums and relieve the pain caused by teething. I found it worked brilliantly and could definitely see a difference in Indie's behaviour once I'd popped it on.

What's great about this gel is that it's suitable from birth onwards. As you may know previously we were using Bonjela which is only suitable from 2 months onwards. What about those poor little ones who teeth really early on? Definitely a bonus point of this gel! It's also sugar free so there's no worrying that it's going to give your baby a unwanted sugar rush haha. I did find that sometimes it's easy to squeeze too much out of the tube than you really need, but that's only a small negative really. 

*Disclaimer - I was sent this item to review however all opinions are honest and my own*

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