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Earth Parents?


Having a baby definitely makes you realise who your real friends are. I remember telling one of my best friends I was pregnant and she was not so impressed, pretty sure she may have even slapped me haha! Then about 5 minutes later she was pretty excited, and I knew she wasn't going anywhere! My other best friend was super excited too, and I was so pleased. I was the first one to have a baby, and I must admit I was worried things were going to change loads.

Yeah I admit we don't meet up as much as we used to, but that was the same when I wasn't pregnant! One best friend has just pretty much qualified as a nurse, the other has just got a new full time job and has taken on a huge project renovating the house she got a mortgage with her boyfriend on. So you can say we're pretty busy people! 

However, when I was pregnant we made an effort to meet on a weekly basis, even if it was just for a relaxed drink in the evening in a local pub. We try really hard to keep this up now, and it may not happen every week, but I would definitely say we're still the best of friends. They both love Indiana, and have taken on the roll of 'Earth Parents' - something they came up with as they knew we didn't want to have Godparents haha! 

Last week I spent a lovely day with Louise. We went out for lunch, went round a few local shops and even stopped at McDonalds for our old favourites haha. It felt just like we were young again and I think Indie made it even more special. She was all smiles and it was so lovely to see her being so happy with my best friend, so I thought I'd share some pictures with you all.
What are your friends like with your little ones?
Emily xx

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