Top Tips for Going Abroad With a Baby


Indiana was 6 months when we first took her abroad. I was SO worried about going abroad with her being so young. I had visions of her having a melt down the second she got on the plane, and being inconsolable, but really I was worrying about nothing!

We went to Majorca so our flight was only a short 2 hours from London Gatwick to Palma Mallorca Airport. The huge negative was that we flew early so had to wake Indie up at 3am to get to the airport. She was woken to be put into her carseat, taken out to be put in a buggy, then she had to come out again when we went through security, so she was basically awake the whole time! This actually worked in our favour though as the monkey slept most of the flight... hallelujah! The way back she was awake most of the journey but found great fun in playing with anything she could get her hands on, and I think she quite enjoyed getting cuddles from mummy and daddy the whole time.

We took cartons of milk with us and the Tommee Tippee disposable bottles for the journeys however Indie has other ideas. She became a massive fuss-pot and decided she no longer liked her milk cold, and also wasn't keen on the bottles either. Looking back we would probably just take her normal bottles next time, and ask for it to be warmed up, as it wouldn't have been that much of a hassle really.

Once there and settled she was amazing! She kept to her routine pretty much and apart from not eating food she had all her bottles as normal. She napped and played just like she does at home, and even teethed just the same haha! The best thing we brought with us was our Snoozeshade. I definitely believe this is the reason why she napped so well. As soon as we thought she looked sleepy we layed her back, popped this on the pram and hey-presto, a sleeping baby! It worked amazingly, especially in the evenings. We would give her her nighttime bottle at her usual time, pop her in the pram with the shade and she was gone for the night, so Jack and I got to enjoy our evenings relaxed as a couple!

If I had to give tips for travelling with a baby I would say:
  • Try and get flights that suit your baby/childs routine - our outbound flight was at an awful time and we wished it was later! 
  • Relax! Our plane was full of families with babies/toddlers, and they did cry, it's just what they do haha! Don't stress about it, and if you do, pick a short haul destination like us. 
  • Buy a Snoozeshade! You won't regret it. 
  • Also take an umbrella stroller - they're much easier for travelling (I also wouldn't want to risk our Oyster on a plane haha)/ 
  • Be wary of the sun/heat - we tried to relax in our room during the hottest part of the day. This gave Indie a longer nap and made sure she didn't get too hot. 
  • Have fun! Don't be put off by things because you have a baby. We took Indie to a Pirate dinner show, it was loud but she loved the lights and colours!

Overall I'd say our holiday was definitely a success haha. I now realise I was worried about nothing and we're so glad we went! If you are worried about travelling with a baby I have heard (and would probably agree from seeing it myself), it's probably easier to go when they're this age.


  1. So glad you had a nice stress free time! We took Diggory to France at 3 months and will be going back at 9 months. It will be interesting to see how he handles the travelling now he's out of the newborn sleep-all-the-time stage. I need to invest in one of those snooze shades too! x

  2. Glad you had a great time! I'm in much need of a holiday! #binkylinky

  3. Looks like it was a lovely first holiday. We're going off to the algarve next week and am reassured to think we won't be the only ones with babies on the flight

  4. My son needs to go here a week before me. My son was 4 months old then. He needs to go for medical reasons. My husband said the journey is bad. My son wont stop crying the whole 22 hours of flight. Good thing that everyone is supportive of him. We havent gone anywhere using a plane and I would want to go & visit my country but its just too expensive to go there. #binkylinky

  5. I'm looking forward to your post about your week :) Sounds like your travelling went really well - stress free? I'm wanting to take my little one abroad but my OH disagrees and thinks we should save money, hmm :( #binkylinky

  6. Potato and I are off to Mallorca on Friday for a week. We're staying up near Llucmajor, so not on the beach. I agree that the Snoozeshade is a fab product. I wish we'd had one when we first took Potato to Mallorca at 4 months old.
    Potato is a pretty seasoned traveller now, at 2 years old and I agree with all your tips :)
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

  7. seems like a positive experience so far) i guess you are right due to a 2 hour flight, once we had a long haul flight with a newborn (not ours) and a maybe 6 months old baby, 2 families were set together and it was madness, no one could sleep on a plane, but that i guess we (parents) all have to do it our lives at least once)

  8. Glad you had a lovely holiday glad you had a good experience #binkylinky


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