Happy Father's Day!


Hello! We're back from an amazing holiday and couldn't have come back to a better day! Not only is it Father's Day but it's also mine and Jack's 2 year anniversary. We're exhausted and definitely suffering from the holiday blues but we're still celebrating.

I'm not one to really gush and be overly mushy online but I think this is definitely a day for it. Ever since Indie was born I could just tell how much her loved and cared for her. He was also my rock in the first couple of weeks and still to this day don't think I could have done it without him. 
I'm SO lucky that he's also a completely 'hands on' dad. Yeah he still likes to sit around playing Playstation and go for a drink with his mates, but he is always there for the two of us. We do alternate nights as he knows just how much of a grump I am with lack of sleep haha. He also does his fair share of nappies, bath times, feeds, etc, even though with his job in a nursery he does it all day anyway! I just know he loves spending family time with us, and as I don't drive is happy to be the driver whenever we go anywhere too.

I think the thing that makes me happiest at the moment is watching the two of them playing together. Just last night I was sat listening to Jack giving Indie a bath and her giggles were just filling the room. He was playing with her bath toys, giving each ones voices and playing with her... cute!

We love you lots Jack, and even though you have no presents yet (I was pretty unprepared before holiday haha), you mean the world to us. We may not be doing much, but just you being with us is enough. Worlds best partner and daddy!
What are you up to this Father's Day?
Emily xx


  1. Lovely post, some fab pictures, gorgeous family :) x

  2. Glad you had a great holiday and happy anniversary :) really lovely post and lovely pictures too xx

  3. Aawwww how cute! What a lovely daddy (mine is too!) Hope you had a lovely day x


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