What's in my Baby's Suitcase?


I went through a lot of these sort of posts and asked loads of questions when thinking of what to pack, so I thought it might be helpful for someone else! We are taking a smaller buggy with us instead of our Oyster pram , as well as her carseat as we need it for the transfer to and from the hotel. This means Indie has lost all her luggage allowance and so her bits are being shared between mine and Jack's suitcases.

Indie's also still on 4/5 bottles a day so we have had to take this and sterilising into consideration. She's still in nappies so we've had to bring those too as it just makes it easier not having to buy them there. This has resulted in us definitely being over on our luggage allowance, but oh well, we obviously need all those clothes we've packed too haha.

We've packed:

  • 3 x sleepsuits
  • 3 x short sleeve vests
  • 7 x t-shirts
  • 7 x dresses
  • 1 x shorts
  • 1 x skirt
  • 3 x leggings
  • 3 x cardigans
  • 2 x all in one swimming costumes (one with hat), and reusable swim nappy
  • 4 x hats
  • 1 x sandals
  • 3 x bibs and muslins (another set in changing bag too)
  • Her whole bow collection (I know I have a problem haha)
Feeding + Sterlising-
  • 6 x bottles
  • 1 tub of formula
  • 5 x ready made milk cartons
  • 5 x disposable bottles
  • Tub for sterilising (with lid from 99p store haha)
  • Sterilising tablets (boots own)
  • Travel kettle
  • Surface wipes
  • Snoozeshade
  • Pushchair
  • Carseat
  • 1 pack of nappies + swim nappies
  • A selection of toys and seahorse/musical toy
  • Toiletries (bath wash, moisturiser, nasal spray, calpol, snufflebabe and teething gel)
  • 1 x blanket and sheet for cot
  • Coverall bib and bibisili bib plus spoons
  • Hooded towel
  • Sleeping bag
Looking at this list I cannot believe just how much we're taking for a weeks holiday haha! The amount of clothes may seem ridiculous, but as you know she's weaning now so she practically needs a new outfit every meal time haha. It's also going to be warm so we don't want her to get too hot and sweaty. We could have probably filled a whole suitcase with just her bits; you wouldn't think we had her changing bag to take too haha!

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  1. Eek I'm due soon and will definitely go away to Spain by the time he is 6 months so this list is helpful and I can imagining packing just as much or somehow even more!!!


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