Wedding OOTD


If you've read my previous post you'll know that this weekend we had two celebrations that we attended which meant little Indiana got an actual reason to dress up nice haha. The outfit I have chosen for this OOTD is from Saturday where we attended my cousin's wedding. We went to the reception so we knew she wouldn't be in the outfit for long (it started past her bedtime haha), but we still wanted her to look her best.
The dress is actual 6-9 months and is the first bit in this size she's actual worn, yet we were surprised how well it fitted! It's from Primark and was only about £6/7 and came with matching knickers too. As it was the evening we made sure she had a short sleeve vest on underneath so she didn't get chilly. Then to finish it off I added my usual Bow Boutique headband. I've recently purchased some more so this blue bow and white band went perfectly!
It wasn't until Jack came out dressed that we realised the two of them matched! It was too cute, and made her look even more like the daddy's girl that she is!

Emily xx

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