Where Did My Baby Go?


When I was pregnant I couldn't begin to tell you how many people told me how fast a baby grows up. Of course I laughed and joked it off, not believing that it actually was true. How could life suddenly speed up when you're days are spent feeding, changing and not sleeping haha! But boy do I wish I listened more! 

When Indiana was born life changed and has seemed to be on fast forward since. Days and weeks go by in a flash and I can't believe she's now 6 months old! I remember capturing her first smile, her first giggle, the first time she grabbed a toy. I found myself hoping she would learn something new so I could enjoy her developing even more. But now she's 6 months I wish she would bloody slow down haha!

Within the last month she has:
* learnt to roll
* learnt to sit
* started eating
* started pushing up onto her knees
* got her first tooth

And then the other day she came along and surprised me again as she said her first word! Now all you mummy's will know how I felt when the words 'dadda' were coming out, I admit I was pretty upset that my baby who I spend all day with wasn't saying my name, but still proud none the less! 
It's made me realise that I definitely do not have a baby anymore. I have a growing, pretty independent little lady, who is fast becoming a very cheeky character! God knows what she's going to learn to do in the next few months if the last one was anything to go by haha. It's definitely made me cherish all those pictures and videos I have taken. And I definitely recommend all you mummies to be or new mummies to do the same. Capture every last ounce of them as you really can blink and they'll grow up before you know it!

Did your baby grow up too fast?
Emily xx

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