Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 6


This week has included a whole load of firsts for Indiana. She had her first proper meal out, a picnic in the park, and her very first Nandos! She's suddenly decided that food from other people's plates are much more appealing than what is in front of her, and this led to her stealing Jack's dinner Friday night haha!

She's had a whole range of new foods, and we're still yet to find something that she won't try and doesn't like! She's also finally started feeding herself her bottles too using the Tommee Tippee handles... I feel very unneeded now!

So some new things she's eaten this week are:

> Apple
> Chicken tikka masala curry with rice
> Avocado
> Canteloup melon
> Vegetable pie
> Mash potato
> Pulled pork burrito!
> Corn on the cob
> Nando's chicken!
> Beef stir fry with noodles

She's also eaten lots of her usuals including toast, porridge, fruit, veg, crispbread, yoghurt, her snacky bits (Organix rings, rice cakes, etc), which she still loves! Her favourites at the moment are definitely bananas and toast fingers. She LOVES yoghurts too and can easily finish one for pudding most days, although as she's obviously feeding herself it's very messy haha.

She's now really getting stuck into food and we've noticed she's becoming less interested in milk as each day passes. With baby led weaning you aren't meant to drop bottles straight away, so we're just going to follow her lead and stop them when she really doesn't want them.


  1. She is so cute! I love the bibs! where did you get them from? (if you don't mind me asking). This is my favourite age when they get all messy eating! I think it is so cute.
    Steph |

    1. They're called bibisili bibs, they have a website and fb page. They're fantastic :) xx

  2. Can I ask, how did you begin babyled weaning? My daughter is 6 months, and she can eat some finger foods, but mostly I feed her with a spoon, but I'd rather she learnt to feed herself. Do you have any tips?
    Sarah xxx

    1. We didn't start weaning until the day she turned 6 months and then jumped straight in. I would definitely recommend joining fb groups, reading books and watching YouTube videos as they help a lot. If you've already started purée feeding it is difficult to switch but I obviously have no experience with it so that's why groups are amazing :). It's so much fun so good luck and enjoy if you try! Xx

  3. I follow your baby led weaning journey both on your blog and instagram and I love the photos you post! She looks like she is really enjoying it! xx #MummyMonday

  4. Awww her expression is so cute in the picture where she's covered in yoghurt! She started on the Nando's young - lucky her :) xx


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