Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 7


We've been trying to buy and give Indiana as many different foods and meals as possible in order to discover what she likes, and what she doesn't like. Well seven weeks in and to be honest we're finding it pretty difficult to find anything Indie doesn't like haha! Every food we give her, especially fruit this week, she scoffs down and asks for more!

She's eating so much now that she has dropped a bottle all by herself. She now has a morning bottle, breakfast, lunch, an afternoon bottle, dinner and then her bedtime bottle. I thought it would be ages before she dropped her milk but she did it all by herself! TMI maybe, but every poop she does now is a 'proper' one haha, so you can really tell she's well into eating food and leaving milk behind.

So new foods this week are:

> Shreddies
> Banana on toast - she went absolutely crazy for this!
> Nectarine
> Fish
> Mango
> Rasberry and blueberry rice cakes
> Hummus
> Chips
> Rice pudding
> Kiwi
> Chicken fajita
> Roast gammon

We've noticed that she really enjoys strong flavours and there is really no need to give bland food to babies! She loved the fajita chicken and didn't even notice it was spicey! She's also taken to loudly saying 'yumm yumm' whenever she's eating something she really enjoys.. so cute!


  1. She's sounds like a really good eater :) Osian is starting to go a bit fussy, he used to eat everything but will refuse some things now! xx

  2. Love reading these entries. N hasn't dropped any milk yet but starting to love his food. Drinking is still a sticking point mind

  3. Wow look at those pics! Well done her, and you! She's doing so well. I had twins so did a bit of baby-led and spoon-fed but you seem to be nailing this...well done x x


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