Baby Led Weaning Diaries: Week 8


This is probably the last weaning update I'm going to do for now as Indie's pretty much well on her way with her journey and it's going to get pretty repetitive! I'm amazed at how far she's come in 8 short weeks. If you go back and watch her updates from week 1 to now you can really see just how much she is eating in comparison!

The second food comes anywhere near her she becomes impatient and wants in right that second. Then as soon as it's on her tray she dives for it and shovels it in haha... so funny to watch! She's still loving everything we give her and is definitely a fruit lover.

This past week I've started to notice less and less mess left behind and she's actually eating every last crumb, and even then she can still be found searching for food. My little piggy haha :). We've also been trying really hard to get her to drink water this week as it's been so hot. She still hates it though and pulls the funniest faces!

New things she's tried this week are:

> Crumpets
> Rasberries
> Carrot + coriander soup (She loved this but couldn't understand why she couldn't have the bowl haha)
> Sausage
> Apricot yoghurt
> Plum little yums
> Homemade cheddar and sweetcorn fritters (SO easy to make and we both enjoyed them)
> Frozen yoghurt (ideal for this hot weather we've had)
> Butternut squash + sweet potato soup on a bread roll
> Chicken risotto
> Chicken stir fry with prawn crackers

I really hope she continues to eat so well. I grew up being and still am a really fussy eater, so I hope that she isn't. I don't think I have anything to worry about though, this girl loves her food!


  1. I have loved reading her updates :) I love the picture of her different faces whilst eating, I'm glad her weaning is coming along so well xxx

  2. Aww, she's doing so well. I only have a couple of weeks to go until Sophie is 6 months and I cannot wait to see what she makes of food. My husband and I are obsessed with food and I don't eat meat, but we aren't picky at all so I really hope Sophie isn't picky. I have just started giving her water the past couple of days because it has been soooo hot and she's only had about 20ml a time. I don't think she's keen, but she will have to get used to it eventually! x


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