Enjoying The National Trust: Knole Park


Saturday was another roasting hot day, so what better to do than enjoy the great outdoors! We're lucky to live local to many National Trust locations and I even get free entry with my job at John Lewis... bonus! Knole Park is one of these so we thought we'd go for the afternoon.

We started off the day with lunch out at Harvester, as no weekend is complete without a meal out haha. I'm pretty sure the waitress was willing to take Indie home she loved her that much. Making a quick escape we made it to the park and started our walk. 

Knole holds so many memories for us and me especially. The last time we were there I was 39 weeks pregnant and trying my hardest to walk the baby out haha. It was freezing cold and I was the size of a whale and pretty miserable, yet looking back it's a great memory. The park is also known for it's deer that wander free around the place. I have many pictures of me and my sisters when we were younger feeding them and exploring the area.
The deer are still there today and are definitely not afraid of people. They were literally wandering in and out of picnicking families and were even happy to let people touch them, although I wasn't very happy about that. Jack got some great photos from the day and I definitely felt very grown up. I used to moan when going to these kind of places with my parents, yet here I am with picnic blanket in hand and my own baby, suggesting we go there haha, how things change!

Here are a few photos from the day:
What places do you like to visit as a family?
Emily xx


  1. what beautiful pictures!! and the deer really do look tame don't they?! xx

  2. Great photos! Looks like a lovely place to spend a few hours x

  3. Fab day out and great photo's! Looks like a fab place to visit x

  4. It looks like a great place to go and looks like you had a lovely time. It's lovely seeing the photo of you and your bump then you with Indiana :) Pregnancy really suited you by the way! Indianas looks gorgeous as always! I'm thinking of buying a National Trust membership, would give us so many more options of places to go xx

  5. looks lovely! We love going to places like this :)
    Eekk how cute does Indiana look :) xxx


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