Is Dreamfeeding Worth it?


As you know we're bottle feeding Indiana as this is what we chose to do. It is most probably one of the factors that helped her sleep through the night much earlier than most breast fed babies. From 5 weeks old she slept from 10pm until around 5/6 am, maybe even 7 if we were lucky!

When she was around 3 months old we would feed her her last bottle at 10, put her to bed and she would sleep through until morning without a peep. This was around the time we moved house and decided to make the switch from her moses basket to her cot in her own room. With this decision we started to read up more about 'dreamfeeding' and realised it would work perfectly for us.

Dreamfeeding is where you feed your baby whilst they sleep, in order to help them sleep longer through the night. You can either gently pick your baby up to do it, or as we did just leave her sleeping in her cot. It meant that we could put her to bed earlier, and then just give her the 10pm feed before we went to bed ourselves. Perfect for us as it gave us our evenings back together as a couple, and it meant she got more sleep as well as her food.

It's pretty cool to watch and the first few times we did it we both just stared in amazement as she just knew what to do. The second we brushed her lips with the bottle she just started sucking, then when she was done she would roll away from us, amazing huh? However, what wasn't so amazing was when she started expecting the bottle.

At 10pm without fail she would wake up crying if we hadn't given her the dreamfeed quick enough. She was expecting it and it was basically becoming a habit, not something she really needed. So a couple of weeks ago we decided that we were going to stop it altogether (she's still getting 4 x 8oz bottles plus 3 meals a day!).

So we went cold turkey and when she woke at 10 we just gave her water. This continued for a couple of days; there was one night where she was crying at 1am for about an hour, but she eventually she went to sleep and woke up at 7 (proof she didn't really need it before you think we were starving her haha). Then I think she realised she wasn't getting anything and now doesn't even stir! 

The dreamfeed worked for us while we needed it, but in the end it did kind of backfire on us! We were lucky we were able to stop it so quickly, as who knows how long she would have been taking it otherwise haha! I don't regret deciding to do it though, as I think it's definitely beneficial if you want to get your baby into a routine of going to bed earlier than yourselves.

Did you dreamfeed? What's your opinion on it?
Emily xx

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  1. We dream feed Baby L, I do wonder if she could go without it as she is 6 months old but she doesn't have any food besides milk during the day and on the days we have tried to go without she wakes up at 2am and you can hear her tummy rumble! I think you just have to experiment with it every now and then and see if it is time to drop it but we will be doing it for a while yet lol. It is amazing how they just feed in their sleep though! Didn't do it with G, wish I had though! x


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