Our Holiday | Majorca June 2014


So I've FINALLY got around to doing this post. I've been beavering away editing our holiday vlogs and wanted those all sorted before I wrote my blog post. They're going up a day at a time so make sure to check those out on my YouTube Channel.
On Saturday 7th June we had a very early start, 2am to be precise, eurgh! It was a rough start at I don't think I ever want to fly that early again. Although Indiana was an angel on the flight and slept most of the way, the poor thing didn't have anything to eat/drink until 12pm! She was hot and bothered but once day one was over with after an early night from us all it was the most perfect first family holiday.

We stayed in Palmanova in a rather bizarrely themed hotel... who knew The Flintstones was still a big thing haha? I was pretty nervous at first as I knew Magaluf was close by and was so worried it would be full of 'lads' drinking and swearing the whole week, but I had nothing to worry about! Everyone you looked it was couples, families and the usual wrinkly oldies who probably should hang up the bikini now haha.
We spent the week doing as much as we could as we're definitely not the sunbathing, doing nothing kind of people. We went on little walks nearly every morning and evening just to explore and see what we could find. As we travelled with Thomas Cook they had a number of excursions we could book. We went for Palma Aquarium and the well known Pirate's Adventure Show; both were simply brilliant! We also enjoyed crazy golf, the weirdest little fun house (an upside down house with a yeti theme - Katmandu was so random haha), swimming, sunbathing and building sandcastles at the beach!

I won't bore you with an indepth description of all the things we did, but like I mentioned previously, if you want to see what we got up to everyday definitely check out the vlogs! We had an amazing week, and I definitely think Indie was happier in the sun and loved all the attention she got too. She wasn't so keen on the food although I'm pretty sure Jack and I ate enough to make up for it... god I love all inclusive!
Where was your first family holiday?
Emily xx


  1. WE haven't gone on our first family holiday yet, but I can't wait until we do. yours looked fab! x

  2. Yay I've been waiting to read about your holiday :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely time and you've got some great pictures there! Xx

  3. You sound like you had a great time :) I'm going to go take a look at your vlogs now too xx

  4. Gorgeous photos! Would you recommend the hotel? We're thinking of getting away to somewhere like Majorca in September - our little one will be about 4-5 months.... I like the sound of the Flintstones theme haha!

    1. We loved it but it might not be for everyone as it's in Palmanova and I know it's not everyone's cup of tea (I wasn't sure when we booked it haha) xx


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