Baby Led Weaning: 2 Month Update


If you've followed me for a while you'll know that we have been following the baby led weaning route with Indiana. I did weekly updates for about 8 weeks but stopped due to them become pretty samey (and because I would probably say Indie was more weaned than weaning anymore). So as I haven't posted in a while I thought I'd update you all on how she's doing!
We were SO lucky that Indie took to weaning like a duck to water. She absolutely loves her food and will happily eat anything and everything, and it doesn't really matter where she is either! She now has three meals a day and eats nearly everything we put in front of her.
For breakfast she'll have things such as cereals, toast, porridge, a rice cake with a topping such as marmite or mashed banana and usually a portion of fruit. For lunch it's usually something snacky as we don't have a cooked lunch ourselves. She loves sandwiches with any filling, her baby snacks including flavoured rice cakes and the vegetable puffs/rings, beans on toast, and then a portion or fruit and vegetables. Then for dinner she generally just has a small portion of what we are eating. This includes shepards pie, stir fry, any form of pasta, potato wedges (homemade), fish, meat, roast dinners, chilli, fajitas, etc, etc. She's tried so many different flavours, textures and types of food this way and we have noticed she particularly favours strong flavours - she ate all her chilli before her jacket potato the other day!

She dropped her mid-morning bottle herself after a month and a half so now only has 3x8oz bottles of cow and gate first stage formula a day. We also have progress with her drinking water. To begin with she absolutely refused anything else but milk from her bottles. We tried about 5 different sippy cups including free flow ones, but she just wasn't interested. However last week we reintroduced the doidy cup and she loved it! She even held onto the handles and was bringing it back to take more water. We have never given her juice as we feel it isn't necessary as water is all she really needs. 
I have loved cooking for her and finding new meal ideas. I made sure to join helpful Facebook groups which have been a great source of support, ideas and guidance. I would definitely recommend these for anyone thinking of doing blw. The Little Grazers website has also been fab for food ideas such as sweetcorn and cheddar fritters and the flourless banana pancakes which are SO easy and yummy!

That's about all for her update really. Like I said I definitely think she's not really weaning anymore as she literally just eats and eats. She is becoming better at eating food from her bowl and has always been a pro with self feeding with her spoon - she even gives it back to be loaded with more food now! The mess has decreased too, although I still find myself shocked that there's no food left hidden in her highchair!
Baby led weaning may not be for everyone but I couldn't love it more and think everyone should give it a go! She still amazes me now with her eating and I don't think that will ever change.

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  1. Aw well done Indiana :) it's so rewarding watching your little one enjoy real food and family meals isn't it? Here's hoping our baby led weaners will love food so much into toddlerhood! xx


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