Back To Work And Starting Nursery


As you know I went back to work on the 3rd August, so I'm officially a working mummy. That first day back was so hard. I've left Indiana before but this did feel really different. The idea that I could have been at home with her and Jack made me so sad, but I just had to think she was lucky she had her daddy for company! It was actually a pretty good day though so I didn't need to worry.

It's amazing because even though I had 9 months off I didn't even feel like I had been gone! I remembered how to work all the systems, where everything was and to be honest apart from a few new faces, nothing had changed haha! I'm lucky to have to fab co-workers who gave me a warm welcome back so I felt totally at ease.

I'm luck to be only part-time so I still get lots of time with Indiana, but it's also great to have a bit of time off from being a mummy. Speaking to adults and having a gossip reminds me of my pre-baby days and it's great to feel more than just Indie's mummy. I'm also quite enjoying putting on my uniform and having a bit more of a routine in my weeks. Having a baby is damn hard work, so it's nice to have a break from that too - on the days I work it's a nice thought to think Jack has changed more nappies than me haha.

Me being at work has meant a big change for Indiana too. She seems to be settling in well at nursery and making a few new friends - she's the youngest there at the moment so they all think she's a great new toy haha. She's so happy to see me after and I now get the huge smiles and cuddles instead of Jack. I love reading about what she's been up to when she's been in and Jack always makes sure to keep me informed on how she is during his breaks.

It's hard to hear when she has been teary or upset as I just want to run straight there and take her home. But I know she'll be completely settled soon enough and that this is normal. I also always try to remember that if anything was seriously wrong Jack is never far away (I know he makes excuses just to go see her anyway haha).

Overall we've settled back into the working/nursery routine quite nicely now. I'm lucky to have loads of holiday this month as it's my birthday so it's easing me in gently. But I definitely think this has been a positive change for our family and I think in the long run we're all benefiting. Especially Indie, as mummy working means more money to spoil her with haha :).

How did you feel when you returned to work?


  1. Glad it's going so well! Bet she will have such fun there!! :) x x

  2. Glad to hear it's going well. It's great to hear how someone else is coping, I go back to work a week on tues & I'm dreading leaving baby m. He's going to be going to nursery 4 days a week & whilst I know it'll be great forbids development I still feel bad leaving him xx

  3. Glad everything went well and she is settling Into nursery ok. Xx

  4. I've been back at work since Feb but Gwenn hasn't been to nursery yet. She'll be starting one day a week in October because our childcare situation has changed. I am dreading it. I know it'll be genuinely amazing for her development but all I feel is that I will leaving her with strangers and that I should shot for even considering it!!!


  5. Everything you have written is so familiar from both the times I went back to work and had to put the girls in nursery. I am part-time too and it really has been the best decision for me. My eldest one has just started making heartbreaking comments about how she misses me when I am at work, which is so hard, but they get so much out of being at nursery I know it is the best decision for us.
    It's lovely reading about you having very similar feelings about this experience too.


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